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I think that i connected michael two leoni's killers because i feel phil that often racist violence in the south his intimate you need some it in some ways it reminds me of what i know about domestic violence like these crimes seem to be very intimate crimes they happened between people who know each other you know who live around each other who share community sometimes and so i think i i wanted leoni situation uh to reflect that but i think you're totally right about the wound that she's carrying with her though wound of her of her grief and the loss of her brother and i think that does sobbed motivate a lot of her her struggles with addiction you know you have actual um ghosts in your novel you have to go so one his richie who was a thirteen year old boy who judges grandfather pop in that at parchment farm the mississippi state penitentiary when pop was pretty much kidnapped and forced to work there and then there's also layouni i'm whenever she gets high she sees her brother's ghost given why did you decide have actual ghosts haunting the work i knew that leoni would see a phantom of her brother from the very beginning of the roughdraft right but i wasn't convinced that he was an actual ghost i thought well maybe he's just a figment of her immagination maybe he's just the embodiment of her of her grief in her guilt that comes alive whenever she uses drugs when viewed high and i thought this until i you know i was doing research about part in prison in order write about it and i was reading a book called worse than slavery by david ozinsky and in that book i read that the re boys as young as twelve and thirteen young black boys who were charged with small crimes in an sent two parts from prison and down you know those children were enslaved and salford in were tortured and saw and.

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