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Do do slide he had to think of that if i saw my running back slide i'd make the no if you're watching the live chat right the note twenty twenty drafts we're taking a running back pretty early early this dude slid out all know if he could be are running back i've never seen the runningback slide i'm giving him a pink slip as soon as i can a running back cast lot you can't slide you just can't do that you i don't think he can hold up and i think because he can't hold up i think the steelers have to invest in a back next year they've gotta bring somebody in i mean the steelers are down to what happens brother potentially as the third running back they have to bring another guy i'm not suggesting that you spend spend a lot of draft capital with a high pick running back i'm not saying you do the rashard mendenhall but they need a running back he slid i'm sorry a dollar ninety nine from the unemployed antonio brown who says conner is like de will referring to the angela williams hard-nosed says we need a bell media lady on bell butt naked robbed robbed but they could end rob and i i got a kick out of the jets dangling him on the trade wire man that was hilarious dad was i had people email me saying should the steelers think about vada and there was no no they should not no no no no i personally i disagree with you on and the connor thing yes he's lid yes it's a bad look reminded me of someone sliding headfirst into first base baseball you just don't do it i don't know for me i think conor is is capable but like you said his style is not conducive to playing in a sixteen game schedule therefore i think that's when jalen samuels becomes extremely important and i think the jalen samuels is developing into a very very well rounded running back would you agree i agree but here's the problem the bigger problem for connor it's the coach does not want want to do running back by committee the coach is used to running wheels off running backs he's not a running back by committee guy and we've never never seen him manage his backs like that he's going to run through their wheel salt loss in unfortunately for james connor his wills are not pirellis no they are not so we'll see how his shoulder holds up this sunday mother he gets in the game but there's a question in a live chat is this individual has asked us probably about three times not a super chat question but he clearly wants the answer i fiddle take the time to answer it necessary noah he's jeffersonians do you think because the steelers as played a game against for a year or two ago that they will have a better preparation against him coming into this sunday i think so i don't know how much you know when you say better i don't know if it's you know they're going to prepare fifty percent better seventy five percent better but in general the more tape that you have on a guy i think the better prepared that you can be specifically if you prepare for a guy in this is a case where it's not just game film but they know his skill set well oh for preparing against him however i think it's going to be a little bit different because to dealing with the frank right system and and how he operates in that system but i think having played brusett i think they are comfortable in knowing what his skill set is what he can do how he moves in the pocket how he's got some ability he's got a pretty strong arm so seeing him definitely gives them a leg up however you know how much is the point of contention dave brought this up but it made me really think the colts say the chargers have won three games in one of those games against the colts i didn't realize they beat the colts this year and so you know you can get into this game will they be dan and we'd be damn and this and that he's we can beat the NFL anyone anyone can win any given week i personally believe that angles who are benching andy dome by otherwise iraq iraqi baby bre sets a cia he's a different beast he's he's on a running quarterback so he doesn't scare hear me he can run but he's not he's not a lamar jackson or a shawn watson where tuck hit and run is a dynamic arsenal or weapon in their arsenal personal i should say so i think he's a little bit more statuesque if the steelers can get right on the outside linebacker in the defensive front i think they can get home it would be really interesting but real quick antonio brown who's unemployed and is giving money dr shows we really appreciate it dollar ninety nineties here's the money for that basic jersey or doc i'm not buying a devon hodges jersey jersey maybe get eight add that to what get an aide eight yeah it just adds isn't rudolf six and doc is six rough his two eight eight man i knew the numbers numbers get at eight in get a duck rudolph sorta sorta like turn duck in ducking john madden exactly what else you have plants let's just break down the game i don't you think this game's going to look at an office inside of football before we get into the question of this show gimme your thoughts on the office how do you think this offense matches up against against the colts defense i wanna i wanna know who's running the ball for the steelers that's gonna be interesting to me also i think he to say but i actually there are times where i think BJ finney can be an upgrade over ramon foster so if i agree i hydrate if foster is out with a concussion than i think finish stepping it'll be fine they'll be fine in that regard now pounces calf injury lingers that's a different different story altogether now you're talking about juggling the offense justin houston has still had a really good pass rusher and he can recent havoc but the steelers strength on the offensive line is pass protection this is a game daddy mason rudolph is going to have to make those a specific plays that he missed on monday he's going to have to make those plays to win the deep passes to deontay john's that he just overthrew rub the underthrown pass to juju the underthrown pass advance mcdonnell the passes behind the receivers over the middle this is a game where the opportunities are not going to be plentiful as they were on monday night you have to cash in on those and so for me i don't i don't think the steelers offense ability like dominate anyone that i don't see this as a huge a you look at cisco or seattle or new england and and you saved us defense is legit i don't necessarily think that with the colts i think they're good but i don't think they're upper-echelon middle of the road i think that if they can run the football i'll use roosevelt next again regardless of who's back there let mason rudolph push the ball down the field that they can ask successfully course appoints their average of points has has had to go up right because they scored twenty seven so they were what twenty point five tick they're probably around twenty to a game mm-hmm it's gonna be moving in the right direction yes gonna protect it's gonna particularly i think you're spot on i think they've got to be able to run the ball in this game name and i think they have to the colts play a lot of cover too i think they have you have to be able to attack the seams and cover too so this is a game where right like to see them you know really attacked to safety split run some post stuff run some drag some underneath stuff trying to hit a deep post host to try to really throw it in between the numbers i think they're going to have to really attack the seems an attack in between the number as well and they're going to have to run the football i mean this is a game where hopefully if they can run it they could stay on schedule so i mean do you think we'll get the predictions later but you know is this a game where you know the steelers are struggling on offense in your thought there it's going to take a little bit of it's going to be some tough sledding chopping wood or do you think they can come on really have their way with this coach defense it's tough for me to say that this offense is gonna come out and have their way with anybody right now until i see him do it but at the the same time i think it comes down to two things that i want to see them do they did this pretty well on monday night number one lands is the b word is eight on the time balance balance the tasks and the run okay second for the love of all things holy don't don't be afraid to put juju smith schuster in the slot dominates in the slot because most teams are not going to take their best s. cornerback and moved them into the slot they're going to put their mike hilton type in the slot puts us you over my killed and he'll win that match up nine out of ten times lives that's when they saw success against miami that's also wouldn't you saw some things actually on the outside are open up as well use him there be creative but someone asked this is something i don't know if you had planned for this on a you'd ask dave a bunch of questions ron s a question do you think that the tight it ends need to be more involved in this office bingo ding ding ding ding ding ding ding h- you get the gold prize you found a willy wonka ticket ticket to the willy wonka factory you found the golden ticket absolutely i mean you've gotta physical freak show in vance mcdonald donald trump needs to be attacking guys in the scenes you have to you have to utilizing entire football field if defense has a feel for what areas to the football field you want to target into pass game they're gonna flood those areas and they're gonna make it harder for you to complete those passes yes that is part of the maturation of mason rudolph is he going to have to incorporate tight ends and be able to attack the middle of the field he's gonna have to do it i think you're absolutely right now i didn't get a chance to listen to the stat geek show so i'm not sure what numbers dave pointed out but if you want more information on that you know make sure you check out the stack each show because dave definitely chimed into that auburn defense aside a football i think this is all about stopping the run i mean indianapolis indianapolis wants to wake up go to bed get off the bus and run the football and established spread you out they're gonna hit e braun they're gonna hit doyle they're gonna hit t. y. hilton but all of it is built behind the running game they're gonna try to grind you impound to mac dynamic back and this there's gonna be a great test you know one of the guys in the live chat earlier talked about the impact of to it not being around you're going to see it here and you're going to see a particularly in the running game because i think this is a game both often supplies are very good in pass protection i think the colts have given up a couple of you or saxton the steelers i think they were wanting to maybe going into this game maybe two in one now whatever it is but i don't think there's gonna be a ton of pressure on both sides.

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