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Enter gender so like As we'd nope we black people we know about the history of liberation as it comes to our race but when i look at lessons like this from just as crazy 'cause now i remember this might be one of my original to deep when i look at situations like this. I feel so empowered by the gay struggle to recognize that they have a lineage in history and not only that but a symbolic to back up their bride tobacco up their perspective. That should is beautiful to me so to answer my own question. Straight black man love the rainbow. Absolutely absolutely that'd be more goes through and you're gonna love it in a few months in the city. 'cause lois it's going to be all over the pa the pro. I used to live fourteenth street though so surround zero. I've just be going to the store. Like oh man in the straw load. We say matt is rainbow flags all over dc. So it's like you go regard team string. I've seen that is who with a complicated relationship. Between brands and symbols deliberations so like brands are using juneteenth like the juneteenth holiday sale. That's what they're doing again coming to the so. That's the thing for real. That's just gonna work. I bet did you hear about shane. Recently no just just add oil sheen no sheen the the company just as companies are using black lives matter flags black products. Juneteenth get black people in the stores. You got them right. This corporations to throwing the rainbow flags the situation gape people use their products. Why because we spend motherfucking money right. Tell me about anytime so sheen is in trouble because they have like a cellphone case. That was a black person. Outlined can jog like that that either just dropped during went viral like within the past like to forty to forty eight hours so everybody's starting across sheen love so i'm keep widow. People get twenty five dollars for one hundred dollars now but they they their punishment right now. 'cause it it seems like brand do this to get the attention of black folks. There was a commercial. I forget who it was trying to look at sound but it was. It was like cut into People wanna do to help invest in communities in one white guy who was on a motorcycle was like i want to invest in black home businesses. Oh fuck out. So i've seen that commercial. They purposely got a white guy to say yeah for impact purposes unlike. They didn't feel they didn't feel real at all not genuine at all times. Sex lead into thoughtful question. Okay but what. i'm. I'm mortgage creative. Deary in oh my goodness. We are the intersection of marketing and black people and we've we had a very challenging conversation. A couple wednesdays ago in which they asked is creative theory doing the work of helping the black community or is.

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