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Let's talk about tax planning with steve marsh who had steve marsh who is of course our tax attorney here on ksfo and our tax consultant on all things bobby tax steve you offer many many services but one of them and it's really important i mean you guys do this for me is tax planning but there are a lot of things that people are not aware of when it comes to planning for their taxes let's talk about that this morning one is pensions and this is especially true if you have your own business there's all kinds of pensions and you see some of them the simple ones advertised and they're fine for some people but if you're in business their pensions where you can put away hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and although some of them require being set up by december 31st you don't have to have to put the money in until three quarters of the year about nine months moved into 2018 and about it a part of that pension is funded by what you don't pay the irs in the state so for example if you're in the top tax bracket which approximates half half of your pension is paid for by what you otherwise what is just ended over to the irs and the state this is very very powerful and there's all kinds of special protections on him for example if you have a devastating loss to the pensions protected by special federal laws look at o j simpson his pensions untouched wow okay steve moskowitz obviously an expert in this realm out to save you money call his off steve the phone number place it it it heal it eight eight eight theory actually d.

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