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We're back It's well it's getting close to the second half of the show so case At the top of the hour break in. But those of you that can tell time you know that. It's not the top of the hour but it doesn't matter we've got our technical reasons to include those when when we do happy to get Dick Powell back this morning off the the big weekend at shotton and with all kinds of Important local implications from yesterday and Dick. Good Morning Steve. I'M GONNA I'll throw compliments around like manhole covers tomorrow. Does a phenomenal nickel long time. You Know Nick Back. Right back to his origins pretty much. But I mean his text right on his writing is terrific and then he lends further credence when he goes to these tournaments and does fantastic. Just you know someone who doesn't do it the way I used to do it. You know tons of vitamin working everything. That's not easy to you. Know what. Style and substance. That's that's quite a combination. So he's got to eat very kind and totally true. Nick as good as nick breaks down race because he has a he's got a real in the one of the real elements that you got to. You have to have it at the root of your handicapping approach is it. Understanding race dynamics lemon and and Eddie Sterling. It tries to explain this a lot. You know when when people when people have you know certain views of of of horses and connections and stats and and they they simply will not will not acknowledge race dynamics and it's one of the reasons actually that Andy is widely misunderstood as he is but the Knicks understanding of how a racist is most likely going to run. Scully's another guy that's got a typically has got a very good snapshot of of Race Flow and as good as nick can can do identifying what the expectations for a a certain scenario as he. He's better he's a better better. Even I mean his handicapping is one thing but he he is as I as amazing. A live money in action. Better as you'll ever see And buyers is thought of that way too I mean they wanna Mandy buyers that the people only see certain sides of of what the rights and wrote in his in the breadth of his career. But Andy when you know once once once the clock started the tick during afternoon. He was brilliant. So it it. You know it's tough to. It's tough to be both stuff to be good anti-capitalist and a and a good better But if you had to pick one or the other I suppose being a you know a good better is might be the way you'd WanNa lean. I suppose if you could could choose just present awesome jogging and that one. I read his Texan analysis riding. Yeah well of course you know. For a long time. He was doing the the The analysis and and then you know it. It got to be a little bit too much of a time time drain but And he wasn't necessarily being compensated It's the way should have been great. It's great he's been he's he's really been the you know the house Handicapped I should come up with one of those like a Hermes or a a sweep. Or you know ray count We should come up with a with a nickname for nick. Like like the old the old selection grids Marty McGee armies for instance when it comes to the D. R. F. These days so you see the top twenty Truncated comments people's favor comments that.

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