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Woman who recorded the video said the guy originally wanted to order a four piece chicken nugget happy meal. You know like a toddler. The mcdonald's staff also retards type the wrong order in as four orders of happy meals he started freaking out and swearing said rebel adding that the man then knocked over the hand sanitizer stand in walked to the side to wait for his order. When staff told the customer he was not going to be served for his bad behaviour. He replied he was waiting for his food that he paid for. You pretty much heard what happened. After that he smashed glass dividers knocked over equipment and the display case as well as throwing a trash can at the staff richmond. Officers were called to the scene where they approached the suspect. According to the popo suspect is a thirty year old delta man and fought with the officers during his arrest all over a happy meal restaurant employees and do police officers were allegedly assaulted and sustained minor injuries. He's currently in custody awaiting a bail hearing and he faces possible charges of mischief. Over five thousand dollars. And assault and assaulting a police officer a spokesman with the richmond. Rcmp was royal. Canadian mounted police said the investigation is still ongoing and it would be inappropriate to speak to this apparent evidence at referring to the video at this time rabble who remained inside. The restaurant applauded the way staff handled the situation. She said they all handled the situation extremely well they had a garbage can thrown at them and the guy was screaming profanity. Pretty par for the course these days at fast food restaurants. It's only a matter of time before like Just cold blooded murderer is commonplace. Their employs getting shot up. It's gonna happen and it's gonna. It's going to happen quickly before the summer's over with there's going to be some dead fast food employees. They all deserve. he says. it's a very dangerous job. Apparently not my friends shortest started news for friday. Let's do a couple of voicemails and get the hell. Oh right i'd love to hear from you There are many ways to contact this. Show shut his door. To view dot com. I'm all over social media at view twitter and instagram. Antic talk by the way. I'm there's nothing there from one video but yeah dick doc. I met his door to. We've gotta discord where all the freaks could hang out. There is a sup. Read it as well where you can submit news stories. That's distorted view dot ready dot com. I mean we're all over the place. Just do a search for distorted deal. This is two minutes long talk. Sounds better over the phone than music date from lincoln. And i believe that i'm going to start calling. Any breads isn't legal sized unlimited shred who unlimited not unleavened unleavened bread. I like that occasionally. People will send me messages to social media post or articles about people who have created longer slow longer. I sliced bread. We're getting closer to the day where this will be mass produced. I just hope. I received some sort of credit for being a pioneer in the field of legal size bread. Mrs suggest they could call it. Levin's bread or bread could have its own little special name. That would be a nice little omar to me going suggestion and one question scalp from the real person that is that is the question. I can't tell you how many times i've played something. Or i was going to play something nutty from meat and i and i go back and i and i do some research just to make sure to the best of my knowledge. That meat is a real person and this is not an act again. He's been very active online for decades. Now right and there's never been any point someone who said no. This guy is fake. I know this person and real. As a matter of fact he's been the opposite people have said. I live in richmond. Virginia meet israel person. This is him. he's been featured in new stories. Of course he was arrested pretty much or at least escorted by cops because he went and tried to save that confederate statue. Me this is me. This is him. He's a real even though. He seems very unreal. He is a real person. And i think part of it honestly is the fact. I mean he. He's like not autistic right but he has asperger's he's somewhere on the spectrum and people that are on the spectrum. Act a little strange right not dorm. All it's part of the whole thing. Maybe that's a.

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