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Her ear to the ground. What's happening? Is that a bunch of big guys. Jeremy Tony Tyson banned all together and said Navy. Wendell maybe nick but a lot of power in this tribe is coming from. Jeremy and Wendell has Jeremy's man of all the players so far we've had some players like Tony Tyson and others who I think. See Parts of the game but no one has really laid it out as well like this and so so far. I think that Sophie just as a better read on every buddy than anyone else has in this game and I just find her. So well positioned I feel like her best move sneakily and I don't know if you can call them move but I think her tribe winning immunity when they were down to four of them and therefore protecting that group before going to tribal at that moment and that's when they won the peanut butter and Jelly. I think Yeah was was huge like absolutely huge. Not Having to go from four to three makes I think makes a really big difference at this point in exposed her at least that small group in a way that she then got to avoid and got to be the hero because I believe she solve the puzzle for them to win that challenge like had a really good performance so I think that actually her ability pre merge to essentially avoid any major confrontations and only see elimination. Like the you know even just one last time as it makes a really big difference for her. She has now yes. She's way better challenge beasts than anyone gives her credit for yeah and and she really smart to doctor and good at puzzles. But I think that being like a kind of strategic but not particularly it's not like a lightning rod pre merger is really important and if Wendell had been a little bit less of Shit talker and like taking a data notch like maybe he could have gotten there as well. I mean that's not who he is and that's one of the reasons why his good TV and that's cool. But I think that kind of thing that she didn't do it wasn't like unleashing. Her major moves early on is going to help her as they go on there. The other thing that I I think we've Kinda almost forgotten about because it hasn't been mentioned in a few episodes is that she has an idol. She found him on. Serono's about it And so she has a chance to make a big move when she needs to. Which I think she will need to buff up her resume a little bit. Because I don't know if everybody really realizes just how much power she hasn't the game right now but she has a chance to do that. Totally yeah I I keep forgetting. She has it because he hasn't needed to come close to using it right. She hasn't come close to needing it which is an example of having power her having Adam kind of under her wing. I think is really smart to these. Adam has nowhere else to go. No one trusts him. And maybe there will come a time. Where Sophie's like look? We gotta get rid of Adam. I can't trust them either. But right now it's like. Hey you at least got somebody. Everybody wants to get out before they get out you and who's loyal to use extra vote for you. I think it's like actually a good person for her to be aligned with yeah totally it's basically having other vote in her pocket so I guess I would say you know. She's kind of our backseat driver. Right now pulling the strings. No one really knows the only person who seemed to have any inkling at all went home in this episode so I feel great about her. You know there was some people who are like. Oh maybe it's not so good because she called out you'll as being heard shield and while if Y'alls gone now she doesn't have the nerve shield. I don't think it matters. She's so under the radar. I agree totally in. Yeah no one. No one seems that worried about her though would have been a good time. Take her out last night. Tony started listen under the Radar Hyenas. Or whatever and he forgot to mention her and she was the player that Tyson when Tyson was like. Oh let me talk about all these under the radar players. He couldn't remember her name so she's just like I don't know I'm like so impressed at how everybody is forgotten about Sophie and we're here watching on TV and we're just like man so visa and master a now I maybe she's getting a winners at at. It's possible I think. Oh Yeah I mean as far as the edit goes. I'm not a huge Edit reader person I do look at it a little. But she's definitely up there as far as best edit so far. Yeah it's soapy great game Let's also do our superlatives here? We can kind of run through these. We've talked about some of them but we can start with our best move of the game. My best move was sophie and her ability to swing the vote. Also I'd shout out Jeremy. Because I think he made the right move of just playing like laying. Low this episode. It wasn't the best episode for him but he could dug himself into a lot more shit than ultimately ended up being in so I actually was kind of impressed with him Did you have anybody who wanted to highlight? I'M GONNA GO JEREMY as well. I totally agree. I think that trying that he did a good job of playing honorably in a way where he was trying to protect Wendell without exposing himself. And that's really hard to do. I totally agree with that. I think let's just move right along to worst move. Who Do you think made the worst move in this episode worst episode and Michelle? I think Michelle needed to be more aggressive and building new alliances. If she was being true to what she said the confessionals like not being able she issue not being able to trust Wendell she should have done and should have been more aggressive and finding new people to align with and clearly know and trust there because she was not part of the majority so I think Michelle is now in trouble. Yeah it's her and Nick on the bottom. I was very surprised that after she's gotten such a big at in the pre merge she basically got almost nothing in this episode she was almost invisible And so I don't know how much she was trying to work with. People outside of Nick Wendel alliance or just what she was doing. This episode is very confusing. Yeah either this is where we need longer episodes so we can check in on more people. I just I feel like this every episode. I'm like you didn't show us what they were doing. And obviously they're trying to give us a narrative and they don't WanNa make it to money but I don't know man I just want more and more of it do they preponderance online now. They used to they still do that. Well there's NO PONDEROSA THIS SEASON. It's all the edge so the people who are on the jury they do put clips online. It was actually watching them before we went here. They put sometimes like the tree. Male clips online email never mixed up so now anymore. They did put a clip of the people on the edge coming back after. They've lost the challenge and kind of being bombed and they've got seventeen days before their next challenged comeback in which sounds miserable like two and a half weeks out there So some of those clips help fill for me. Some of the void that is in like Martin Survivor. It's so hectic that you Kinda lose all these quiet scenes. They tend to put some of those online jerry. People are back on extinction. Yeah they'll stay there. They'll stay there and then they'll have a chance to come back in basically in the finale episode. They'll be able to come back in. Oh my God. I didn't realize that I thought they were like. There's no chance for them. No no okay so yeah. On like two seasons ago off the edge of extinction season the guy who got voted out third. His name is Chris. He lost the first challenge to come back in. Okay no big deal. You know. Only one person can win and then he won the second challenge come back in and he basically so hard in only the finale episode the he ended up winning the entire game and massively controversal. I hate it. I can't believe that they would bring the twist back because I just feel like if the if the guy who played only thirteen total days wins the game than that is a broken game mechanic and you just need to get rid of it so I am so hostile to the edge of extinction. Something similar happened on top chef years ago where they have last chance kitchen. Where you when you? When you get voted off you go to last chance kitchen and then you wait for the next person who voted off and you go ahead. And whoever wins the head to head matchups keeps going? Never get a chance to come back in. And when they first introduced his last chance kitchen the winner last chance kitchen then won the whole season and it was controversial interesting so I thought that like this Poverty Rob Amber Group. You'll they're all like outs completely. I can come back crazy. And we're going to still be checking in on them and who knows how they act the game from here on out You know what thanks me happy. Yeah at least we'll get to see him on our street. I mean granted the miserable. But you know the till area. I'm so I'm so happy here it I'll say my worst move was Adam. I felt like it was very close to blowing up. His game. Granted that sort of is his game. That's sort of what he did on his winning season and he's just such a paranoid weird player that I think he's. He's played himself into a position on this season where it's not possible for him to sit next to count lackluster people on the final three in the season and I can't see any way in which he wins like even if he makes the final three I just I don't see him getting even like a single vote. No one likes that. I'm yeah. Very unimpressive his game. On the season I totally agree. He's got no chance. I'm sorry I do like them. I mean I you know I don't WanNa like trash or anything. I just feel like he hasn't played the best game Let's talk about our farmers to win. Then we can wrap up. So is there anybody you think is in a particularly good position or maybe jumped up your account like rankings. This episode I think Tyson. I'M GONNA go Tyson who I never really liked until now and I. I still don't particularly like him but I found. I found him being genuine instead of his usual sarcastic. Self pretty moving and maybe it's also just like the climate we're living in where I like appreciate people being genuine right now. It just it hit right for me. I think person Tyson to our while I was GONNA say Sophie but Tyson's more interesting and talk about so. Let's talk about a little bit as far as you talked about. Soviet ought to. We've talked about her too much. We know why Sophie as a front to win. Tyson is interesting in me. If you're if you're one of those people who read the edit. He's gotten a lot of really good personal content where he stuck by his family's about why he's out there and that's the kind of stuff that they often give to a winner and as you can see not every player out there. It's that stuff. Sophie has not had that kind of content in her at it yet so the fact you know he won his way back in and I wouldn't love the idea of somebody who got voted out winning again but it's definitely he's one of the top contenders for me to he wasn't out for that long. I feel like also it'd be different if it like Natalie was doing her own thing and then she came back and she won but he he was in the mix pretty longtime or at least the editing made it feel that way any so's to play a game you know. He is a play. Basically the whole post merger. I mean if he won. I'm like like an Antonin. Scalia style like secure construction traditionalist when it comes to this. I'm like if you're out you're out that's it. That's just my perspective on the game but if it's Tyson that's A. That's a big difference from Chris from edge of extinction. Where it's like okay. Tyson Sosa play the entire post merge she still get through a bunch of tribals? He still has to navigate a ton of the game. That'd be fine. If he one will see how it happens..

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