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Gal fast right. Not because i know the answer effort with a teddy bear. Say i'm a nine on that scale singer. Yeah a five. I like women and men. They can't five. Sounds like the most fun of four. I like men and women but lean closer to being attractive to men. If you're three on scale. I like man but a fooled around with women the past see with one three three number two. I like men but women can be attractive and number one on the scale of straightness is number one is. I'm elton john. Righty i just think this whole where you are on a on a scale. It's kind of a weird thing. I love a love. It would not hear stories of being fluid. Just your love who you're wed. Then that's cool. You know you're turned on by them for reasons. Other than the fact that they have male genitalia or their female genital. Yeah not that that. Everyone on the show where they are like frog what number. You think i'm like an eight seven hundred eight. Is i like women but i might want to explore the other side what you'd call seven and a half that's exactly why i like that you're skirting but you don't want to commit kind scares a nine. He likes women but men can be attracted. Okay nate. come on. I'd say around seventy seven and a half because honestly if you know chris pratt were here. They're like hey man. How often do you get to say. You made out with chris pratt. Harry did that right that. And it'll be kind of silly if you not god. I kick myself when i see okay. I'll be honest. I don't agree with this list at all. This is something that nathan over. That'd be kinda fun to talk about. I don't i don't know i i don't the gay straight bisexual thing. Look i'm just so into like you. You just be you. You're good you're good you do you got right did me. I wouldn't have to worry about who. I can't wait for the day that we get to a place where people don't even feel the need to have to discuss it anymore because it just is what it is and nobody cares and you can live your lives. Will you wanna live your life. And i can live in the way. I wanna live my life and we're all happy so interested in a text saying have fifty years ago. Elvis duran if you guys talked about you being gay you be cancelled immediately. it's true. can you imagine anyway. Well it it right. But we're done a relate straight. Yeah we're pretty late. We have to call him straightening case he didn't play forgets seven the three things. Let's do that here okay And then what we do have a one thousand dollar weld and free money phone tap on the way. Go ahead gandhi. It's up to you what's going on. President biden is confirming plans to buy five hundred million pfizer vaccines to distribute to areas in need around the world. Speaking in the uk biden said the us is making a commitment to bolstering global health insisting that there are no strings attached that was seen as a verbal shot at china and russia over their controversial vaccine. Outreach biden also noted that the global economy can not fully recover until the pandemic is defeated around the world. A new law in connecticut will wipe away criminal records of around three hundred thousand people. Governor lamont signed the bill told legislative leaders not to include serious felonies. He says that those who've served their time deserve a fair chance at employment and housing and finally how about this. We know that everybody loves their dogs. Dogs do really great things for people and their best friend. Well at turkish woman had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital for observation after being treated for while at her home. The woman's golden retriever had been by her bedside throughout the entire illness wanted to get into the ambulance with her. Wasn't allowed because of health policies hygiene safety but as the ambulance better way. That dog chased it all the way to the hospital where he refused to leave until he was reunited with his owner and could make sure she was okay. And those are your three things carney. This is how to rain in the morning. Show you got any money ask. Hey you know what if you're just kind of lukewarm with our show phillies we give you money. We bribe you to listen. Why not it is the free money. Phone tap thanks for our friends at mac. Weldon you're about two thousand dollars. I'll tell you how to win. The second mac weldon. Well i'm wearing my macworld and shorts right now. Oh yeah if you wanna shop macworld. We've been shopping macworld and for over a year now. It is the new normal. The uniform of in the normal of for us is jeans softness polos and t.'s and joggers active shorts. Whatever men's basics you need mac weldon. Has you covered unmatched comfort and fit and quality. Like i say every day the more you wash your mac walden the software amac weldon gets scary. Scan it uses macworld bathing suit this weekend. Yes i am. I'm gonna find on a jump in it back pool while he's not bad twenty percent off your first order. Here's what i want you to go to. Mac weldon dot com slash elvis. And then when you check out you enter the promo code elvis. You have to use my name twice. Okay ego twenty. Percents off your order. That's a really great deal. Mac weldon dot com slash. Elvis use the promo code elvis. Let's get into your phone tap. You've ruined thousand dollars. Thanks to mac weld insurance if you call them one hundred at one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred. Who does the phone taps scary. I do well. Let's see what happens. You elvis duran phone. Tap old friend is back the most irritating phones solicitor in the world is now time for scary and michael oppenheimer a brand new. And what do you have today right. Most wonderful tap her husband. He runs his accounting business out of his house and gets a flooded with telemarketing calls all day. So she's like up. He's trapped time for our relentless telephone telemarketer. Mr michael oppenheimer to sell him recipe book. I feel so sorry for these poor people. This is mr michael oppenheimer with. Abc dot. How you doing today sir. This is michael oppenheimer today. We have a wonderful product called. Don't cakes quick and easy recipe book. Don't cakes shortens the prep time here. Okay i'm not interested. Thank you. Mr michael oppenheimer dump cakes with. Call me okay. i'm not interested. Thank you know mistakes to make just pouring ingredients and bake it's that simple sir with god. No hello this is mr michael oppenheim. Don't kicks.

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