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The season is so law but we just came through in a football season in which twelve teams made the postseason eight of them did not make it last year so two thirds of the team that themes that made the playoffs in two thousand sixteen season or did not make it got in in the two thousand seventeen season that's a remarkable number eight new teams no with tennessee and jacksonville and the list goes on and on so predicting of any sport is really hard but baseball just seems because of the length of it and because of arm injuries in particular israeli difficult and to houston's credit and i think that this a template will be followed get every day players get koreas and al two vase and george spranger's and build around every day players or at least at least do it in a one for one for every picture you get get yourself in every day player every day players just that folks he plays every day that means you're fan base can relate to them you can bring your kids out to see him you have to worry less about injury an you're less vulnerable with really good everyday players you know people thought houston be pretty good they were pretty good and then they ever lander probably put him over the top probably the reason they won rather than just made it so i don't know i don't have any sense that predicting is easy i know you want as many good players you can get but that was a real for example the real daniel murphy problem and i was a shutting any tears so i'm not going to tell you that you know i thought it was the end of the world that they lost daniel murphy but danny murphy can flat out hit in an era were very few people can it was allowed to forty hitters all of a sudden in baseball hit two seventy now it's like hitting three ten in the old days going as it to seventy that's great it is my today standards so you know danny murphy can hit i mean and none of these agrees hitter that ever was but there is a dearth of guys again hit for average just is in other game has changed a lot was second the other does driving in the other day.

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