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He was so related to spiritualism and so on and so forth but then the whole thing kind of fell apart art because a medium did come back with the code which you know we later found out was essentially given to him by Bass and and the whole thing kind of turned into a a sad little moment of time because best came out in public and said Oh this is this is the real story. Houdini really has come back and then later that she had to say okay maybe not fair. Well the guy she we believe again. You might have one of the many things that you don't know. She definitely like them a lot. She definitely thought of him as a handsome handsome conman Whether or not they were actually having affairs is Is Up for debate. Eight but but But definitely some weird stuff but best the thing. This is a hugely important part of this story. I think if if ended up in for Bass those ten fifteen twenty years. After Houdini died he might very well have been forgotten. I mean he was very very famous and and and and a part of the language and all of those things but you know people fade. I mean the most famous people of his time like you mentioned Al Jolson and you know even Charlie Chaplin who who had such a long stretches is very much. You know In the background now Buster Keaton guys like that and and so she was relentless about her publicity relentless about the Houdini out relentless about getting a book written about him she was very much involved often in getting. The movie made So she she was someone who kept pushing and kept pushing and and I feel like she definitely bridged a very big gap and to until the movie came out and the movie was was very successful for about twenty years and then a whole bunch of other people took over and and and Dan continued to this day to to share his story. yeah and I WANNA talk about the Houdini fans in the time. We have left because this book is as much about them as it is about the man himself south. One one couple that you run into or Dick and Dorothy Dietrich who are too hard core fans. They built a Houdini museum in their hometown. And I gets the even committed a crime to honor their hero right. Yes that is correct. I'm actually going the the Houdini Museum in Scranton Pennsylvania which has no connection action whatsoever to Houdini other than I guess he he performed there maybe but that's their home town. They this Dorothy is actually kind of a legend understood her own right she is. She is a magician And you know in the seventies she. She got quite popular she. She was the first woman on television to to saw man in half. She kind of turned that all around she. Did the bullet catch she. Did you know various upside down straitjacket escapes. And she's actually the person that the Islah Fisher character in. Now you see me is based on so so she is. She has a real a real background in magic and then her husband Partner Partner Dick Brooks is this. You know very fascinating guy who also has had a long life and magic and they love Houdini. I mean love him obviously enough afteh build a museum in his honor and and yeah they what what happened was at Houdini gravesite. There is a bust of Houdini. He's had and Dan has been there since the beginning except every Halloween usually although it could be any time of the year people come in and they would steal the boss or they would or they would vandalize underlies the Boston. It got to the point where they basically said okay. You know what we're taking the bus away this is. This is only hurting so for many years is there was no Houdini. Bust at the at the place and and Dick. Dorothy did not like that and they did. They broke in to the cemetery and and put their own bust in there. They had specially made And you know they were caught. They did get caught and and the the the secretary of people let them do it. Because why wouldn't you at that point but that was that was their plan was to to seek really go in there and and return this Houdini bus due to the gravesite right. And there's also this elusive figure that you're sort of chased throughout the book Who Bills himself as Houdini? Ghost toward the end. You finally meet up with him at the Magic Nick Castle in La. What's he like? He is a true character just say his name is Pat Colloton and he is an actor was it's an actor and it still does some acting who had a very rough? You know you went to Vietnam and came back and like many many who went you. Know didn't find signed the same life for himself when he came back and acting jobs. Hard to come by and and he always loved Houdini and decided to start going around the country. Doing Lick circuits talking about Houdini. Doing a few of Houdini tricks called himself. Deans Ghost and as time kept going on ended on he. He started becoming this very. I mean legendary. Houdini expert and he put out these very odd but but but super interesting books about Houdini about his life about his secrets. And and they're they're impossible to get their impossible to find I only printed a few copies of each. And they're like these little bits of gold inside the world of Houdini and and and yeah. I felt like it was really important. Talk to him. He did not want to talk. And then I kind of warm down. I guess and and was able to meet with him at the Magic Castle L. A. which is this wonderful wonderful clubhouse of magic and And I wrote about him and I wrote about him. I think quite lovingly I I you know really moved by his story. Rian his life and his energy and his passion by we'll tell you he hates the book. I mean hates the your book. Yeah Oh hey why I mean I. It's it's why is a very difficult thing to come by. You know it. It says what are the most dishonest book ever written about. Houdini and I'm like well what's dishonest about. I can't tell you so and I think in a way that that that I I mean. Of course I wish he would liked it. I you know I. I've worked very hard to to make him come alive in and I wish you would have liked it but in a way it's better that he doesn't because he's there's so much of Houdini in him and there's no doubt my mind. Houdini would not like the book not because of of anything specific in the book but because he didn't write it you know what I mean. It's not it's not Houdini. Yeah and nothing nothing. Houdini hated more than imposters. Anybody trying to make a dime off of his name was was enemy number one and so you you know in a way. I kind of appreciate the Patrick. You know I think Patrick's like hey. I'm in this book but I didn't write it so I I understand that and I still love the Guy I I still love the guy now. If there's anyone who might be considered the successor to Houdini. I suppose it would probably be David Copperfield. You say in here that Copperfield in Houdini are nothing alike and entirely. Like what do you mean by that. Well there nothing alike in the way they perform their nothing alike in the way that they act. I mean they're they're very very different people. David Copperfield didn't even come from magic. You Know David Copperfield right was a prodigy right but he he love Broadway. He loved songs he loved movies. And and he you know he made his career on sort of building. Magic through those was things through the Lens of Broadway or or you know music and you know. Houdini was totally different in that way and they were totally different personalities personalities. David Copperfield is not the the bully that Houdini was or or you know he's not the they're they're just different. But then you step back and okay. David Copperfield changed his name. You know he's a young Jewish kid who fell in love with magic changed. His name became the world's biggest magician. And and there's a relentlessness to Houdini and Copperfield. That I don't think anybody else has because I think you can make pretty good argument in the magic world that the guy who was the direct descendant of Houdini is actually David Blaine right. David Blaine as does escapes. Right and crazy stunts and all all of this but copperfield works so hard even now use a billionaire and he owns like seven islands. And yet you go to Vegas on Christmas Week. He's doing three shows a day Christmas week. Wow in why in a what is it that drives and I. I thought to myself if I can figure out what it is. The drives David Copperfield to do that at a point in his life when he is you know the most successful guy I can figure out. Why Harry Harry Houdini when he was the most famous magician escape artist performer? Maybe in the world why he still despite despite you know being an agonizing pain refusing to to get off the stage in Detroit Because the show must go on and so so so to me that there's a connection there that that is obvious you know the the two guys who changed their name and became world famous magicians. And then there's some drive and ambition that those two people have that I think is is less obvious but but every bit as interesting. Yeah I can definitely see that connection of that need need to constantly be one upping yourself and doing something new to keep people interested because it makes me think of you know when he vanished a jet and then after canister jet he had take the statue of liberty disappear. It's just getting bigger and bigger. Yeah it was it was. It's an endless. It's it's you'll never do. I think in magic. You'll never do the perfect perfect delusion right you'll never there's always something better something bigger something better something more amazing something more impossible and I think both of them have been searching. I don't think both of them live on the stage in a way that's different. From the way they live the rest of their lives. And then there's just something else that's very difficult difficult to capture about both of them. You know I think. Houdini spent his whole life building. Houdini making Houdini something bigger and grander than anything. That had ever come before him. And I think there's a little bit of an Copperfield too. I mean he's he's he's got this incredible Museum Private Museum in Las Vegas which was kind enough to let me tour and and you know it's it's it's a magic trick all its own. I mean it's it's the most extraordinary thing it's like walking into his mind and you know he loves that it's beautiful. He loves that and then and he's performing you know a completely new act in Vegas which involves an alien and and so on trying to find new ways to to to push magic and I think that they connect that way. I think they connect and that there was never enough. There's there's always something more and they're never gonNA stop chasing and I'm so jealous that you actually got to visit his warehouse because David Copperfield. He has this almost legendary magic collection that I think is the biggest in the world of private collection that he houses in this warehouse in Vegas and in my imagination. I'm sorta picturing something like the closing scene from raiders of the lost Ark or. Something is that about right and what kind of stuff that is about right..

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