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Hey we use a small tom paul kee talks at acts tough to get women a notice him but that's all he is just talk so uh you're a horrible police officers that it no i'm a lazy police officer a big difference and we're going to find out even more about how dead wrong that cop was on part three a p we gaskin oh my goodness all right well that this this is a interesting disgusting tale here pewee gaskin there's a lotta ins and outs to this one what if it's a buffet he's like a buffet the book serial killer it will there is that but i'm thinking if you're alone at a buffet the the food don't can't be that the eighty no because the the foods i getting turned around fast enough you don't know you're not it's you sit in a thing congealing it's like when a restaurant the problems you've all these backup orders that they made and then they're just sit near under warm and lamps and you come in you're not getting fresh food with a lot of people there is lot of dishes go now and it part of its like the money would what encourages ever to work harder gets start to go you have to that's where the capitalist system supposed to work to customers drive quality this is a tough episode for me to handle all right it's the at well is interesting theory interesting theory indeed well i also i i want to think she did get old me i want to thank the person's gave pewee gaskins book a jessica shannon uh cheese of course we plugged her separated before jet uh our jessica i'm shannon but what she really wants us to do is plugged gofundme me for one of her friends it's go foamy dot com slash lynn dash jim that's lynn l y n n dash jim there are also bear apparently both big listeners and big fans.

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