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Sat on him and just waited and killing him around. I was like, you know what? It's just shoot to win. We want to start having Saturday horses and enforces on fit that criteria. And we'll just start moving them on. And obviously, I thought, I thought it was giving them a confidence raising to drop an in for 30. We only paid 15 as a win. So we're still protecting and I think that was it was a good idea because I believe in giving horses confidence always. If you're not a level just always look for that next level down, it can help and might not, you know, just torch racing, but obviously once you once you learn, once you learn to get into the front, and he said, oh, this is what we do. Okay. I enjoy this. The lightbulb turned on. The lightbulb turned on and I knew he was something special after that race. I had actually breathed them again. One morning. And I was putting much of behind them on purpose because I figured these are two year old and he's like, mooch is going to want to run them down. So let's put a wall in front of him and kind of slow him down with a couple two year olds. And obviously mutually decided to go around by the quarter pole and he was going to blow by all of them. But Barbara road actually on his own, I was riding barbaro in that morning and he actually got his head and took down the stretch chasing mucho. And in the workout, he only got beat half a length and got that with him. So I was like, oh, this one's actually wants to play USB. He actually understands what we're asking of them. And he's willing to do it. So I told him that be ready. I think this was just going to be doing some pretty fun stuff for us. And we've got him back in distance and the starter, but that was just another practice race. And it showed that it worked out as you ran second to Harlan twist in the state trade. Yeah, second the lively traveling. I think I read going to come in the smarty Jones next. Is that right at Oakland? Yes, absolutely. So, you know, again, all of these races, once you have, once you have a nice horse, you're gonna get to pick your races. They're there. So we have the timeline already set up for him. And that was the key. We're going to start then look at the lively shyly and then the smarty Jones. Having two 6 and a half races in between that mile race for the smarty Jones, I thought it would be perfect preparation for that race. John Ortiz our guest, you can find John on Twitter at Johnny Ortiz 24 the number 24. Always good to catch up with the genre. Really appreciate your time. Absolutely. Thank you very much for having me. It's always a pleasure. All right, we'll be right back after short time out. It's a JSON being horse racing podcast brought to you by inspires. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast, brought to you by twin spires. All right, big thanks to John Ortiz for joining us. We'll enjoy that. Hope you guys did as well..

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