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And they were so you can put those videos up on our Facebook page. Thank you, by the way. I think it was Eileen, who sent this to me on Twitter that I couldn't find this anywhere. We have the best fans in the world. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it. That helps us. I know, right? Well, we have it ripped now. So it'll be out there forever. But here's the thing, folks. Let's see. When was the last time our government withheld treatment for something they knew would be helpful? Well, let's see. When was it that when they invented antibiotics? Was that in the 1940s or 50s? They discovered penicillin. I think that was the first, right? A huge breakthrough. That's a huge, huge breakthrough. For me, personally, I'd probably be gone today without antibiotics because I had a blood infection from the intercostal and whatnot. And several other infections over the years that would have killed me with antibiotics. I had no question about it, right? I wouldn't be here today. Anybody actually game changers. We knew that at the time. We also knew what syphilis was. And we knew that there was a whole group of people in a community that had rampant syphilis going on. And so what they did was, they decided to experiment on African Americans by not giving them the lifesaving medicine that they knew would be able to treat it. So they withheld treatment that they knew would be effective and beneficial to help people. Our government, by the way, has done this repeatedly. Look at hydroxychloroquine, which is now accepted. Ivermectin. Is now accepted. There was a study out of Japan. They're giving this stuff in other countries, right? It's accepted. What's that sickening? We knew. We knew. We absolutely 100% knew. Florida nailed it. Did exactly what you should be doing through this, which is get people treatment, the sooner the better, the quicker the better, emergency room visits went down by 90 something percent to three weeks. We had the blueprint of how to do this. And then they suspended the communist states said, no way, not going to do it. Like, they took it away. The federal government suspended the use of monoclonal antibodies, claiming that it didn't work against omicron. Neither is a vaccine apparently, but you're not stopping that, right? Even Israel. By the way, it did work against the harsher COVID viruses, right? By the time amaran come around, it very few people got really sick from Amazon. It was very sticky. It mutated exactly how we said it was going to. It got very, very sticky, very few people actually knew they had it, or they got a mild cold, right? So when we really, truly desperately needed that treatment, which actually Florida did and immediately, again, set up the tents, got the help to the folks that they needed, very easy. All of our clients down in Florida said no problems. I had COVID immediately went to a ten, got the monoclonal antibodies, was fine within a day. Moved on with my life. Can't do that. I can't do that. The stuff that they have not told the blueprint that could have been could have been rolled out across the rest of the country..

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