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Become a money maker covering recruiting. I do think that these recruiting services and it's become really something that's covered in depth throughout the entire year, right? And I think there are credible people throughout that profession that really is making these rankings a little bit more accurate than maybe let's say 15, 20 years ago when it was very political. But I do think there's still an important element to evaluating players. And I also think it's really nowadays important to evaluate the character, the family structure, who the voices are in their lives, because of the portal and the things that come with that. So I still think evaluation is extremely important. We spend an inordinate amount of time on it, and I think we've been benefited us. I really like this script that we've put together today. Coach, if we could, before you go, and I know it's a busy day, just to reflect back on this past year, it was a year ago that we were seeing you being introduced and joining us and talking about what was ahead and you had an intricate plan, it was one of the most complex and efficient that I think any of us have ever heard. How do you feel like it's going, I know it's a record was, but that can be different than how you view the progress. No, I think you're spot on. You know, I think the first of all, I think there was a reason why we were hired. Obviously, I do think we've made significant progress. And I think we've got the organization up and running. For the most part, all of our systems are in place, we made the move into the new facility about ten days before the opening game. We're into year one. And I think that often say, year one is like giving a year of your life away, you know? And I do think it was challenging. We lost essentially 5 games by one score when you really look at it. Obviously, we'd like to get a better result on the field, but I do think we've made a ton of progress. We're much more familiar with our roster, we're much more familiar with the university of Florida and the competition. So I'm confident we've put together a really great group of people and I'm really looking forward to kind of starting over here as we start phase one in January. Excited about this core group of veterans that we've got coming back and then, you know, we've got about 20 players that will be joining our team at midyear, which is a huge number. So, you know, a lot of ups and downs, but I think those things are to be expected. In year one, got a lot of work to do. And I think that's why we were hired. And I'm excited about what I see. And what we're capable of here at the university of Florida. Could surely Napier, thanks for making time for us coach me well, and we hope to see you soon. Thank you, Paul. Have a great day. You bet. Billy naper, joining us from Gainesville, top ten recruiting class for the Gators. You can say the same thing about our next guest after a stellar first year. At LSU, taking his LSU team to the SEC championship game, including a stunning upset over Alabama. We'll talk to Brian Kelly next. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. And we're back on national signing day. It's not over yet. But it's getting close. Brian Kelly joins us to head coach at LA shoe. His second early December signing, although last year, I think he barely barely found out where his office was. Coach, great to have you on. How different is it today than a year ago when you were just landing in Baton Rouge? I found my office, Paul. That's been comforting. No, it certainly, as you know, if you have a full year to really build relationships with the players and the families. And certainly have a staff now that you spent some time with, there's great continuity and everybody's pulling in the same direction and makes this a lot smoother. Yeah, there's so much that goes into it and you've done it at the highest level for a very long and successful period. But this year, it seems like coming off of a big year. And I know sometimes recruiting is always a little more in the future than a media, but what type of residuals did you sense overall from your surprising year to all of us? Well, I think what it does more than anything, Paul is that when you talk about playing for championships, it can fall on deaf ears if you're not close. Certainly we didn't win the SEC championship, but we can see that we've got a football team that can compete at the highest level. We've got some work to do. There's no question. You know, we have some holes that have to be addressed through player development and certainly through recruiting. But I think when you're out there recruiting and they see your football team play and see how real close you are, that's certainly going to help you in the recruiting process. Meaning in the media talk about this NIL and the portal and all these things that you have to contend with on a daily basis. But from year to year and you've done this now throughout the life of that and I know, which is a year and a half old, the portal is out there now. How different was this year than even a year ago in dealing with all of those? Yeah, so I think everybody's got a good sense of how to utilize free agency or the portal as it relates to their program.

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