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On my meetings with other congress Talk about consistency of the poorest of the foreign policy because democratic countries just can't stand Hook what's going on in bureaus like close. They eyes and already imposed such a efficient sanctions on the regime. One day they will not stop and say okay know sanctions. Don't walk in augusta sending immigrants to buddhist. Whatever else here we'll do. Nobody knows and we will stop supporting percents. I really doubt it can happen. We can't returned to Business-as-usual it's is it was before and so is Half of the world declared a focus on legitimate they degrade supported larsen people so they have to follow the same strategy in the future and the To do what they can you know. Sanctions are not and less in the end Just a to put all their efforts to Cassandra economically politically diplomatically. And this will print to the changes mushroom laura. I think we have time for one. Last question we'll take the next question through zakheim allow zakheim with cna and the central strategic and international studies I want to follow up on your two statements. You made One was that You would prefer that belarus remain neutral. The other was that you would follow the view of the russian people are you talking about a referendum and what if the referendum militates for belarus being part of the west. Could you clarify please usually People show they will on the referendums and of course eat for. They will be demand to from the society that we won't referendum on this or that question absolutely is the government has to launch Randoms on demands of people. And i don't know what questions will be put on this referendum's but if people want something in it's a government necessity of the governmental fulfill their veal of people dancing. That's pretty straightforward. We have a lot more to discuss. Would have no more time to discuss it. But this has been a facet ending our thank you for spending the time with us. I'm sure all our members appreciated it. we wish you the best of luck in your never as you go forward and please come back sometime again to talk to us here at the council on farm relations and we will have an actual audience sitting in the room with us I want to note at this This session will be posted on the cfpb our website. So thank you all for joining us. Thank you all the best. Thank you for the tation. And thank you for your attention to belarus for more event audio subscribe on itunes or visit us at c. f. r. dot org..

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