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President Trump, United States, Syria discussed on THINK! America


I'm hearing you say yes that we probably would be correct. Yes corral. We gotta break there for our interview. So standby Terry's talkers, we'll be right back. The interviewing Mary Travis and Randy Travis who is standing by as well as they remember President Bush The partial government shutdown and the finger pointing continue until Chiro Fox News, the shutdown has extended for eight days while Democrats and Republicans continue to blame. Each other. President Trump remains at the White House tweeting that's heat is waiting on Democrats. Congress is out of session until Wednesday when the new congress begins, and so far democratic leaders are refusing to negotiate with the White House that could change later this week, though, once democrat Democrats, take control of the house Nancy Pelosi is expected to become speaker. They are expected to attempt to move a Bill to fund the government late next week, which will likely be the first step towards a larger negotiation. A number of lawmakers in both parties are now suggesting that a permanent solution to Dhaka those who were brought to the country illegally by their parents as children could factor into the deal with the two sides trying to reach a compromise sexist cure Tenny. Kurdish fighters are upset over President Trump's decision to pull two thousand US troops out of Syria. Many. In the city of man beach near the Turkish border, President Trump says they no longer needed as ISIS has lost most of its territory, but the announcement has angered Kurdish fighters who fought ISIS with the support of US forces. The cuts are worried that departure US troops could leave them fundable to attack like Turkey in the past week techies minute convoys have been seen gathering at the border with Syria NATO Kurdish held areas. Fox's kitty Logan in London. A man is under arrest in Missouri. After a young sister and brother their grandmother at another woman were fatally shot inside a Saint Louis area. Home the suspect exchanged gunfire with police early today fled, and then was taken into custody custody seven hours later at a convenience store where he tried to hide police say it also tried to carjack a woman stabbed her that woman's injuries are not life threatening. This is Fox News. Thousands gathered. Now,.

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President Trump, United States, Syria discussed on THINK! America

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