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Zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time, eight twenty as a Newswatch continues. Jerusalem won the trial of one of Mexico's most infamous drug lords, Joaquin El Chapo, go Guzman her testimony this week from the man who helped him spy on family, friends and colleagues twenty one year old IT expert from Columbia opened response is to the power of spyware. And it was that software installed on the phones and computers have family, friends and associates and eventually helped the F B I monitor the activities of the former Sinoloa cartel leader. Reporter Arlene the play GIO. No, sampling, Plugin OSA has been covering the trial for the Los Angeles Times. And she spoke with KCBS was a coal Ross about the revelations. Tell us a little bit about this IT expert. Yeah. He's a pretty fascinating character because he's become quite central to the take down of, you know, one of the world's most notorious drug leaders, essentially, yacky was twenty one years old when he got recruited to work for the cartel, and he created a secure communication system for the cartel. So that allowed groomsmen and his higher ups to talk to each other with some sense of security that they would be having private communications. But guthman than also asked him to install spyware on his associates phones on the phone with his wife on the phone of his mistress in order to keep tabs on the people in his inner circle. And both of those things ended up completely helping FBI built their case against Topo. Now before we get to that before we get to the FBI. Wh what did this man would are the IT expert talk about in terms of Guzman's fascination with this ability to spy? Yeah. So it seems like he just is very paranoid. And it seems like essentially at one point Chapo, ask troppo ass Rodriguez to install the spyware on the internet cafes of Sinoloa of the local Mexican town where he is from because he wanted to be aware of the messages that everyone around him was spending, essentially and. Yeah. And and it it really has become something that has allowed everyone to understand the inner workings of the cartel a lot better because we now have all this information that chapel had essentially spying on the people that were around him. Let's talk about how this this. This man Rodriguez. This the spyware all of this tech helped lead to sort of the takedown in the capture of Guzman. So basically, the FBI could not crack the encryption that Rodriguez had created. So instead, they found Rodriguez, and you know, he was at that point just about twenty three or twenty four years old, and they told him that he would be in serious trouble. If he didn't help them, and he gave them the keys to this encryption of the secret communication system that he had set up. But also made them aware of the fact that El taco had spyware installed in all of these phones around him. So they were able also to get warrants to look at this by wear and now we have messages essentially that people in court were able to hear that have Chabot talking about arranging drug deals, and then there's also just more mundane details like him asking his wife for black moustache tie. But it's become very central to the case. It really lays out the inner workings of the cartel. And how involve chapel was as a micromanager of sorts in these multi ton- trafficking of cocaine and other drugs across the border. You've been covering this trial. What's next? So we are going to hear a more people who were in Altos inner circle. And there have been a variety of witnesses. Who I mean, it seemed like it's a big the trail for troppo. Indeed. Like, there are people who are in his really inner sanctum of cartel leaders who now were arrested also some of them, thanks to the help of Rodriguez locating them, and they have been just giving just a litany of details of brutal drug wars and corruption in Mexico and all the ways that they built this fourteen billion dollar drug empire. And that is reporter Irene applaud Jonah's KCBS.

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