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Weather expert forecaster on W. W. well TV colleges Dave Nussbaum wins out of the east at nine miles per hour humidity fifty eight percent forty eight degrees south of the lake thirty six on the north shore the WTO Regina me medical traffic center Patty Burnham in on the north shore I twelve we have an accident a right at the look home exit it's all been moved off to the right the right lane is blocked but the left lane is open to traffic is passing by but we're still looking at delays all the way back to airport road that's heading from Slidell into Covington closer to home on the south shore if you're headed in from the west the laser gun away on the spill way but we're looking at delays beginning at Williams as you make your way through can earn mentoring they don't have much open up until you get to downtown if you come in from the east delays at the high rise or in the curve at Morrison road secondary delays still back to the lesion feels approaching the flyover exit to Claiborne in the river bound expressway coming over from the west bank to the east bank those to laser between Terry into Gaul and if you're heading to the west bank we've got no delay going in that direction I six ten west that's heading from the city on to going toward mentoring can we've got an accident at Paris that's got the right lane blocked together traffic tip call Debbie Debbie L. five oh four two six zero info thank you Patty I'm Chris Miller job W. L. first news now the latest on the New Orleans pelicans this pelicans primers brought to you by on past federal credit union you know the why we know the way learn more banking with direction dot org last weekend was a tough one to swallow for the pelicans who dropped both halves of the home and home to Oklahoma City first on the road then at home the most troubling thing about both losses with the pelicans holding huge leads the finding herself unable to close the deal pelicans guard J. J. Redick says it's a problem he's been through before at a previous stop in his career I don't think if it were a bad team I do think there is a maturity and a sort of a corporate knowledge if you will.

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