Ten Year, Twenty Four Hours, Eight Carat discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


If you look at the bull markets a little bit of a different story being told here perhaps the a negative growth data around the PMR he's at that we had in Europe yesterday in Japan today yes there was a bright spot in the U. S. I. H. I. H. S. is being reflected in the ten year treasury yields that is down almost two basis points one seventy one handle the tiny bundle doesn't move a lot though that's negative fifty eight of the ten year guiltily to study on a fifty four handle the pre but dollar index also fed a steady in today's session because of some mixed signals are being sent in these markets taking a look at the oil price thought these a little bit weaker WTI down eight tenths of percent fifty eight for eighteen break creeks crew sixty four eighteen down nine tenths of a percent SO we'll see we'll a slight just a little bit in today's session on signs of the returning output from Saudi Aramco even as those doubts all the great that's a pretty big business what she's young parents with more what's going on around the world namely thank you here in the U. K. the prime minister's edging European leaders to recognize that he's compromised on brexit birthstone since appealing for them to meet him halfway in the divorce deal officials on both sides see. these you and talks as potentially make a break for securing an agreement find the brexit deadline the prime minister is also bracing for the Supreme Court decision on his suspension of parliament that's two at ten thirty AM U. K. sign president trump made a short an unexpected appearance at the UN climate change summit in New York well the distant business chiefs on discussing how to tackle climate change that's as public anger grows at the lack of action teenage active is great to tune but telling the summit they've ignored the issue for pharmacy long and finally there's nothing like a twenty point eight carat to blue diamond to help a struggling Mina Petra diamonds and at the gym and it's come in mine in South Africa famous for producing expensive stones including those in the British crown jewels well Patrick gave no full cost on the price blue gem quality stones are among the most valuable in the world label needs twenty four hours a day on there and it took took on Twitter by more than twenty seven hundred and there's some on this symbol the one hundred and twenty countries I'm young parents this is Bloomberg name a Leon thank you so much now coming up next our colleagues in the U. S. A. getting ready for Bloomberg daybreak in your class check in with Nathan hago good speech you Nathan so what's ahead for you well they're a good morning we're starting off this morning with the latest trade headlines China's new terror if waivers on some US soybean purchases seem to be giving markets something to smile about seeing a modest lifting U. S. futures of the same time treasuries are rising on the short end as well perhaps a sign of lingering growth concern particularly given the latest data out of Europe we're going to check in with Daniel Morris of BMP party box get his take on what's happening in markets this morning we are also awaiting that key decision from the U. K. Supreme Court on the suspension of parliament the pound is holding steady ahead of that we'll see how long that lasts after five thirty Wall Street time. and will tell you more about Facebook's latest M. in a move it is not an insult.

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