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What the heck is going on here, Steve Yeah, that is probably the case today. Their leadership will have a letter from me today requesting that the committee. The Joint Committee and administrative Rules would like to proceed to court and it takes leadership to do that. To give the okay so we need to go to court. Um And the reason is it's about the rule of law. The joint committee administrative rules that the public knows is like the firewall. Administrative rules have the force of law and if we just step back and ignore what agencies are doing They will run roughshod over are and what's happening right now. Is there running roughshod the UW system over student And visitors. The students in particular that the hammer came down and they have to wear masks. They, uh, if they haven't been vaccinated, they have to get tested once a week, And the point is, it's not for me whether You are vaccinated or not, Uh, the mask point. It's about the rule a lot. The the UW system needs an emergency rule, and they need to come to the committee. The joint committee administrative rules. To have that we will reviewed you can't just go willy nilly and do whatever you want, even though the bureaucrats would like to do that. We are the guardians of The public liberty basically, And can you imagine what would happen if we just stood down? The committee stood down unless the agency's do whatever they want no revenue. We don't want you to do that. Because the rule making process the way we are protected from bureaucratic overreach. Is you and that particular committee That is one of the most important committees because it rains in the Wisconsin version of the Deep state and so to say that, Okay, well, if you're the University of Wisconsin because Tommy Thompson said, so because he's running the university Wisconsin system now We're not going to fight back on behalf of parents, students or anybody else who has to has to have access to those university Wisconsin system facilities. That's ridiculous. It's your job. To do this. And so if the UW is defying the Legislature, given that you are us go get them. Make them make them comply. Yes, And here's the contrast and I will. I should add that the whether it's a Republican or Democrat. The committee has acted in both ways was when Walker was governor. We did blocker rule on him to it. It's about the rule lot. Whether you're Republican or Democrat does not matter. It's about the rule of law. And so here we sit with if we back up to 2020 When Palm and Tony they were shutting down the economy, they were limiting restrictions telling churches even what What they had to do. And what does the Legislature do? Then we stepped in and some other groups and said You can't do that. And we went to court. The Legislature went to court. We got the state opened up. And we move forward. Thank God No, that's under Tony, a Democrat and under palm, the secretary of health, a Democrat. Now here we sit with Tommy. And I think unfortunately, my colleagues are getting squishy because it's Tommy Thompson, a Republican, and I did help our leadership. If we don't go to court, this just screams partisan politics. And that's thanks, Rachel Rule of law. We can't step aside just because somebody is a Republican. Well, here's the other thing if they if they are forced to present their case. To do these kinds of restrictions on campus. They're going to have to explain their Super spreader event of this past Saturday, you know that they will have to account for why it's totally fine. To go sit, blasted in the stands of camp Randall shoulder to shoulder with, you know, I mean, honestly, there are people who are so drunk in in the stands of Camp Randall, that they're you know, they're practically drooling on themselves. Never never mind the guy next to him. We're gonna have to explain why that's totally safe, but it's not totally safe for somebody to walk around. You know campus when it's you know, not even nearly as dense. Without a mask on or having to provide either a negative. Covid tester vaccine some kind of proof of vaccination. Yes. Well, basically they're hypocrites. And and the reason they allowed all those students go to camp Randall and I'm okay with that. The students are adults. They can decide for themselves what to do outside. We don't need Big brother telling him what to do. The reason they did. What they did is because of money. A lot of money comes in when you go to the football game, and if you start telling people you've got to wear a mask, lose a lot of money. No. The The interesting thing is, if you want to go and get a beer and brats, uh, that's fine. You don't need a man. But if you want to go to the bathroom or that's indoors, you gotta put slapped that mass back on. It's just crazy. What's going on in 90%? Tommy said himself. 90% of the students at U W Madison are vaccinated. Well, then why in the hell are you going to test students? I When you get at 90% vaccination rates at UW Madison and what? Why? Why continue with the masking all of that, Because you have reached herd immunity. If it's true, here's two things If it's true 90% of students are vaccinated, and if it's true that the vaccine works, then there's no reason to do any of this. That's right. Exactly it. It's all about control. It's all about control, and it's all over or it's about vaccine failure and they know it. Um, so we've also got other system campuses. That are also using covid. They're using the vaccination to try to manipulate students Tell me about what's going on at UW Whitewater. Yeah, you did the Whitewater. I had a number of students and some parents contact my office that there, uh, sons and daughters in the classroom. The college professors were telling asking them Some of the professors were asking. Have you been vaccinated to the students? You can't do that. You cannot do that. Now it gets worse. Then Some of the professors were telling students that if you get vaccinated, you will get extra credit. That is crazy that these are the kind of some of the professors the kind of nuts we have teaching students today. When you want to get your money's worth, and you've got these people in front of a classroom teaching you had other use. Um the PW systems say that it was it was willing to offer up special scholarship consideration. For students who had only students who had been vaccinated. So this isn't a new thing. Um, you know extra credit. Tony Evers is offering $100 gift cards..

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