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The Kid. Stockholm. Blaze. Juliet naked. I don't. Yeah I know. These are all very random. Rolls through like some of them are like Canadian films. Yeah Very. Interesting. But you know it's cool that he's in sinister at kind of goes along with your Halloween. Music stringent of scary movies for a while there. Maybe it's maybe it's connected. Yeah. Speaking of connections. So Blaine Smith is the guy that directed this music video for some kind of miracle and how did you get hooked up with Blaine? Our manager Brian Actually I think you know Brian Mulroney think that name has floated around. Quite some time here and there in the music scene but yeah user manager and he pretty good friends with Blaine. Out O'Brien. Sky Really good. He's got really good credentials news done all these other movies and really everything's short. Very organic just friends of friends and just like, yeah like our manager say I've a friend who's available right now mean even the last night it was just kind of our buddies getting together. So yes. To, your plan like even this, this'll music video kind of fell together like within a week of planning and shooting. In six shooting in one day. So I mean everything fell together really quickly and classic highwire fashion. Well. We are the King of procrastination. Hey, you got. You gotta be procrastinators man some some people work better under pressure you know. How some people get it done? Joe You're saying. I probably know Brian and I'm trying to think if I actually do know Brian outside of high wire and I can't think if I do I'm going to have to like do some research because maybe know Brian besides high wire but obviously we've that's how we set up this interview but To go back and figure out if I know him from elsewhere. But I brought up Blaine because it's a small world as always because Blaine was one of the cool kids in the music scene down here were I'm from. Kasese born and raised in the Kankakee area and so he's He's probably at least four or five years maybe even more than that older than me and when I was growing up. I would tag along with my oldest brother and go to his bands shows and stuff like that, and that's how I met. Blaine now, I don't even know if Blaine remembers me at all probably not because I was just like a little blip at that time. You know I'm just I'm just this WHO's this kid hanging around with you know? I was just a little brother. Just you know very quiet, very reserved, just kind of like watching what everyone's doing kind of thing. You know just absorbing everything but I remember blamed very well, and it was trying before this before we did this podcast, I was trying to remember what some of the bands were that he was in in the Kinky music scene and I want to say one of them was called Orange I could be completely wrong. I don't even know if he talked about that with you guys probably enough we really didn't talk much about music mostly kind of movie stuff at the time but. I didn't I didn't even know. because. I thought that when I saw the name pop up on the the teaser for the music video I'm like Blaine Smith is that the same Blaine because I had I had known he went on to kind of do. TV shows and movies and things like that. But I it's such common sounding name. So I wasn't sure if that was actually him and it turns out it is..

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