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H. B., Desmond, El Monte discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


An improvement there this afternoon again one of your chopper drives so you're definitely going to have to take the fast track let's go to Desmond one one jam cam we'll get a report of a terrible new crash or the motorcycle in universal city north outside of the one I want to like or share more C. H. B. saying that all lanes may be blocked around this one started the drive really channel for barbecues want to quite get around that southbound across from Hollywood Boulevard to the one ten south el Monte upright with the sixty injury crash affecting both sides of the freeway mainly east bound just passing a revolver that has you slow all the way back to Atlantic Denise you tend to be intractable I'm a doctor go can help the help millions of people just like you take control of their personal information online with one download you can search and browse privately avoiding trackers all for free DuckDuckGo privacy.

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