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To their olympic dreams this is appalling and unacceptable cbs news update i'm steve kafer kcbs news time nine thirty two a record number of us are expected to take to the roads this weekend to help you beat the inevitable traffic delays aaa is partnering with index to analyze the worst times to be caught on bay area highways for more we're joined live on the kcbs ring central newsline by michel basquiat with aaa northern california mr blaskiv thanks for joining us before we we get to this you know wind ago when not to go gas prices are out why do we expect to see a record number of people on the roads well that's a good question i guess prices are trending a much higher than they were in two thousand seventeen if you look at san francisco right now they have the highest gas prices in the nation with an average in the city about three dollars and ninety cents so gas prices are certainly way up over twenty seventeen but despite that about five percent more people are going to be driving and we attribute that to a strong economy consumer confidence index is really up and so we expect a lot of people will be still traveling this weekend despite the gas price increase now this report you have put out is is fascinating ended it looks at each road in the region pick highway one a one in either direction six hundred eighty whatever and it finds that the peak expected travel time can vary all the way from this afternoon tuesday that's rather amazing yeah that's generally the highways are going to be packed most packed on thursday and friday afternoons that commute traffic starts.

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