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Talked about both the things that we talked about key the number one that I can thrive in a makes me wanna work harder hearing somebody like LeBron say that about my game and the other party goes, you don't want to let him down. He takes so much attention. This is, and I think Lonzo is going to benefit from this as well. Yeah, more Lonzo in Ingram, in particular, are gonna benefit because Lonzo is the second pick Ingram was the second pick. And with that comes a massive expectation, those guys can for the first time since they're in the league, kind of be guys that just about working on their game and getting better because lebrons the one, everybody's paying. One thing that I would, I would say the Lonzo don't listen to the silly people that don't know anything. Listen to the people that had no don't get caught up in. You shouldn't miss do it your way. Not a don't. Don't do it. Dodgers jumped up Ackerman one to nothing last night on the Braves game to come today. We'll talk with Dylan Hernandez who covers the dodgers for the times we'll get his thoughts on Clayton Kershaw being putting that number two spot that's coming up. Next came number two at Dodger Stadium coming up later today. Day the dodgers win game one last night. Six to nothing, far hands. I eighty dodger general manager. He's going to be joining us at about nine twenty nine thirty. There it in between there, ninety cools anyone who's peanuts hand will be joining us then that is coming up just about an hour from right now to make sure that you check that out. Dylan Hernandez was at the game last course. He covers the dodgers for the l. a. times still good morning. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you guys? Dylan, frozen lemonade in Dodger Stadium. Let's go. Are you guys doing? Good man. We enjoy last night. We watched a game, obviously six to none. You on the mound. Blew him away. We manufactured runs not just homers. We walked got got on base again away. I tried to tell us guys here. I say, look, man, we, we got a manufacturers, oh, their home, run hitting Tiki is calling a three run home run manufacturer. That's right. We got guys on base. They did go keep in mind earlier this season. They did go through like a one month stretch where every home run they hit was a solo home run. True. You know, getting on Bay. I mean, it is important. You know, it's I wouldn't quite call that manufacturing Horon, but I totally get where he's coming from stay. They're getting guys on base, you know the cause that turns the, you know, it goes from one run being two or three rub things so..

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