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About. And you know about being authentic. It's like that's right up my alley so I love and being monitorable and all that good stuff so in standing strong together there is is powerful powerful thing so For those of you who are listening and you want to hear more wonderful episodes like this. I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast Wherever you're listening to it and you can also subscribe to my Youtube Channel as well if you're watching youtube the and if he would be so kind to leave us a review and re rating as well that would be wonderful? I would so appreciate it so thank you again Christine for being here her. Thank you Gloria. Thanks for having me your welcome and until next time I am Gloria Grace brand wishing all of you peace love and prosperity one more thing before you go as a valued listener of the live loving gauge podcast. I WANNA help you shine in your light in the world. Not only while you're listening to the show but all day every day of the week that's why I created the would love engaged spiritual awakening community on facebook. It's a place for you to gather with other business professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to living the life of their. If you WANNA to be a part of this community band receive free trainings from me. Go to live love. ENGAGED DOT COM and request to join. That's L. I.. V. E. L. O. V. V. E. DOT COM..

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