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And blouses and stuff like that but it actually looks great On air and it's kind of fun to to mix and match in regards to repeating the question there's ways around that I have one black pencil skirt and one black leather pencil skirt. I have been rotating those out for years. And i flipped my shirts in let three week rotations. So let's march so people might catch onto my pattern but you know we have to repeat or else might at this point. I have three and a half closets full of clothes. I'm that person. So i can sign a lot a lot. A lot thrift I do what i can with my budget. Because i run out at the end of every year so i need to be creative and unfortunately My out of work outfits look nothing like my workout. It's typically in like sweats or lose and and a hoodie. So i can't really share between the two lives but now you're speaking my language. Yeah right. I'm literally lululemon like shorts rate now me personally i love it over. I love hearing about that. And because you always look amazing and have agreed and so that's really fun to hear about so okay. You walked us up until the end of your work day but we that you are a runner and not just like a mile a day runner which rate no shape to that at all that still running. But you are. You're training for an ultra and you completed the goggin challenge like you are running some serious miles so walk us through the next part of your day. When are you running. How much are you running. What is running. Look like for you right now. Yeah you know. I think running is kind of like my calmed down from the shift. I know for some people the they maybe won't see running that way. You know some of my friends see it as more of a stressful activity. I see it as what brings me down from my stress and even my fiance. Well maybe maybe you should head out for a run. If i'm being a little high strung we call it. We call it my turbo. If i'm turbo. I need to head outside for right. I'm sure you do the same motive. I'm turbo all the time. Metoo turbo person. So yeah you're right. I get the gauguin's high. Believe it was a couple of months ago. You'd think would be more on this but i had a friend. That is an absolute superhero. He is training to become the guinness world record holder for the full marathon wearing full firefighting gear. Yeah so i have friends like this. So i'm like oh what i'm doing. This no big deal. So he was doing the gauguin's in his firefighting gear and he kind of publicly called me out on instagram and was like joel you in and i was like aw so you know i looked at with the goggin challenge was and i thought you know this is great mental training for the ultra that i wanna do this year like you run through the night. That's exactly what i need to experience So i signed up. And then i didn't want to sign up. Have it just be my own. You know which is great. You can have beer on challenge in you know. Put yourself to the test. So but because of the pandemic disproportionately affected elderly people and my grandma. Being one of those i i decided to raise money for The kirby center here in calgary which helps people fifty and sixty plus who who.

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