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And the massing of fire arms to commit an act of terror she ruled by hate crimes against the Latino Jewish Muslim communities really really soaring right now so these these types of trends are unfortunately prevalent in our community as well this is both our conversations and politics of spondylitis more hate towards those who are different she says understanding why than doing something about it might be the best first step in curbing future violence Brian Calvert colonial governor Jay Inslee who is running for president says these shootings are a sign that this country is a crisis of leadership this president has to stop and hold in the white nationalism he needs to stop fanning the flames of racial animosity initially says president Donald Trump is actively endangering American lives in that we need to pass common sense gun reform as the president left his New Jersey property yesterday he pointed to a mental illness problem in the U. S. and said this has no place in our country that we're going to take care of it the president plans to make an additional statement around seven o'clock this morning the state of Washington meanwhile has eight new gun laws in effect income was Nick popping compares those to the laws on the books in Texas and Ohio when it comes to gun laws Washington has far more strict laws that in Ohio and in Texas and one member of the alliance for gun responsibility says while these two investigations in Ohio and Texas are still on going when it comes to gun violence stricter gun laws can make a difference in the M. Thoman Trask says they make a difference for certainly stronger gun what state Washington either of the other states are talking about meanwhile Washington is ranked one of the most strict in America what we've done Washington really will help in the long term reduce gun violence I think that it will also help reduce Michigan's releasing we've given people the tools they need to stand up when they see something or and to say something Texas and Ohio doesn't have universal background checks while Washington passed its version of that in twenty fourteen Dave workman with the citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms says extra laws won't stop people from being violent people have to realize that no matter what law you put on the books of somebody is determined to commit a heinous act find a way to do violent tragedies have become such a regular part of our lives that mental health experts are warning someone you.

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