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Gonna change. That's who I am. It's you have been for you since since the seventies. Keep listening to my heart radio for more George Strait and all your favorite artists. Heart radio goes one on one with Phil from Def Leppard taking us inside how their creative process can work. It will snow everywhere and I was humming This idea How money into my phone off? You know what about pull over? It is really dangerous down this country lane Snow and I stepped all over when I got to the studio. Okay, Quick, Stop everyone, Vivi, and you play these notes on the guitar. On. I've harmed my melody and then hand it into a Dictaphone. So that was really cool of doing it. But every song at a different vibe to It was like doing a different project for each song. And that was just a wonderful thing. I don't Keep listening to I heart radio from or from your favorite artists. I heart radio goes one on one with Tim McGraw to discuss songwriting and song selection. You know for me, it's about the soul. You know, the song has toe hold up and my song Holds up it holds up. If it doesn't it doesn't sometimes all know because of the singer or because they're a friend of mine, and I'll get it through them. But most the time I really don't look into the songwriters are because I don't want to be influenced by that too much. So I just want to listen to the music and see what strikes me and there's sort of a visceral reaction. Which is what you have to have to start with. And something that doesn't sound like, you know, upset that enough already or set in a different way. So it's just always interesting to me to see how its source story goes. Keep listening to I heart radio for more Tim McGraw and all your favorite artists I Heart radio goes one on one with Mike from R E m sharing how they felt being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's weird to think about because it felt really odd to be going in there is a bandit was still Functional inactive. It was like taking one night off to do a little retrospective, which is not something we think about really ever but for one night, and it was, I think it was just much for friends and family as it was for us. It was really, really nice to include all the people that have No, you know, raised us or or helped us along all those years, and you don't have a good time doing and then the very next day, you know, we're all thinking about the next record. Keep listening to my heart radio for Maura of R E. M and all your favorite artists I Heart radio goes one on one with Billy Joe from Green Day about how the band tries to maintain their unique voice within the music industry. It's one thing that gets lost when you start listening to people about whether or not what is quote unquote. You have to write a hit single because then suddenly you're not visualizing your song or visualizing yourself. You're just trying to manipulate yourself into something that you're not. I think that's what gets lost and being in just like we got into Iraq because we want to be completely independent of all of that. You know, we didn't want to have a boss. We didn't want to have any rules. Keep listening to I heart radio firm or from your favorite artists. I heart radio goes one on one with Daryl Hall as he flashes back to give us some insight on the private eyes video from back in the day. So we're up there and I'm looking at the stupid video and they have a jumping around with these stupid suits on And I thought it was a joke. I thought the whole thing was a joke on then, all I could think of was I got to get up in the morning about two hours Sleep and I gotta go to Cincinnati. That's what I was thinking that if you look at me singing private eyes, that's what was going on my head. And the other thing I can tell you about that video is the T Bone woke was the first video that he had ever done. And he said, What do I do? What do I do? I said you'd be the guy that just stands there and doesn't do anything. And so if you look at that video, you just seem to pose going like this. That's what I told him to do. Keep listening to I heart radio for more Daryl Hall and all your favorite artists. I. Heart radio goes one on one with Luke Bryan to talk about pushing through hard times. You know, I meet a lot of people that were there are going through ups and downs, and I just want people happy. You know, when you see people that are there in this world where they're in a vicious cycle of kind of despair all the time and you talk to him, And there's always these moments of drama almost becomes a habit of being Kind of discombobulated. You know, I want people to wake up in the morning. Try toe get back to being happy. And what makes you smile and what gets you through this tough life And it's okay to buy magic. Mike wanted to keep listening to I heart radio for more Luke Bryan and all your favorite artists. 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