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Of what you're at random i'd allowed was a referendum on president trump i don't think it was referendum on anything other than rolling more himself i you know i just as an objective political analyst i don't know where the trump helped or hurt he may have helped they've gotten him up from forty five to you know fortyeight we all know that tori speculation all we know is more himself was a deeply flawed candidate who thinking to a problem for the repel heart i also think he could a president trump could have stayed out of all of this i mean just you don't have to get involved in every race in an every single you don't have to amend this not necessary but he get dragged into it by a whole bunch of people and i think he had to he could have just sat back and if i were worked out better for everybody then ditto for mitch mcconnell let's let's talk about this testimony on capitol hill today rod rosenstein in the hotseat after this trunch of emails released last night professor dershowitz and we're learning more about these text messages i should say including the one that you just heard congressman king read out loud about peter struck fencing of self the great protector of the nation to prevent trump becoming president what was your thought on that were clearly he should have recused self from day one you cannot participate in a criminal justice investigation if you're expressing views like that and but i can't fault muller halted more on a lot of things he didn't know about it mildly filipino muller is that when he when he fired i'm basically from his passport you didn't fire the dust pharma the fbi you should have painted public immediately uh they waited too long to make it public in response to a lawsuit and so look it was james madison who said if men and women he said only bad if men and women were angel ordinary flaws and we're not angels i uh are there are people with very strong do both died in the justice department and the obligation is to keep those use out of politics uh we have legislation that demands at the hatch act and all kinds of things and i think my knee processes to make sure that people who have.

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