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Sports business journal he says the massive cost of franchises creates a barrier unfortunately we live in a society where most of the wealth uh it been accumulated by we on white males and that is predominantly who can't afford these very valuable sports assets every year richard lab schick publishes a racial and gender breakdown of all the employees in the major sports leagues he says the nfl's getting better even gade league in aid this year for its level of minority hiring he says it's especially improving on minority general managers and head coaches lajic says the mountainous nature of franchise ownership has more to do with exclusivity you in race i mean there is some degree of a group of men who are generally white and generally conservative politically sitting around the table boating to keep their exclusivity any way they wanna do that when the owner of the carolina panthers announced he was selling the team wrapped mobile sean combs better known as p did he posted a video the twitter i will be the best nfl owner that you can imagine and we will win alone he doesn't have the cash though even though he's worth about eight hundred million dollars the asking price for the panthers is a cool two and a half billion even so richard lap shake his optimistic more owners of color will soon emerge every breakthrough position in all of leaks whether that's a team president general manager coach all those were considered concerns that needed to be changed and they gradually did this is the kind of final barrier he thinks having an african american owner could change the tone in the nfl take the recent controversy over players taking a the when the national anthems played before games some current owners have criticized the move but many players say the actions aimed at highlighting issues of racism and police violence lepuc says having a more diverse pool of owners could help the nfl reach out to more minority fans i made you are for marketplace.

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