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And it is a series of short programmes about various aspects of modern living that could possibly be done differently all that i certainly feel i often do a bad job at it's mainly a series of conversations with various people involved with things like thinking about the environment and food diet this week's one is about diet i think last week's was about perrine king the first one was about various ways that we work in the modern world it's really just motivated by the idea of exploring alternatives it's also available as a podcast so if you are unable to listen to it live on wednesdays at nine thirty you can download a podcast which is slightly longer as well i think about nearly twenty minutes as opposed to about fifteen on the radio once again thank you to emily night who was the produce producer have a right to the research yet the editor she has done a lot of work on the program sir thanks to her forgetting me involved what else the adam buxton app is up and running come on guys come on guys if you haven't got the free adam buxton app walked the shift to you doing with yourself why do you need it well because it's the one stop shop for all things adam buxton related you can go on there and do you can listen to all the previous episodes of the podcast they're all collected therefore you conveniently you can look at lots of videos that i've compiled into play lists that i've done over the years uh there is bonus content on the extra podcasts that for the time being our exclusive to the app it's just fun city i would describe it as fund city imagine a city where everybody is having fun all the time plus it's.

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