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In particular. They decided to crown us national champion after the bolts. And it's also the only time then that the number one number two and number three teams people off on the same day so a similar situation eighty four just happened to be literally the only time until nineteen sixty eight that the crowned national champion after the bowl games and and use. Those poll results happened to be one of the most chaotic days ever where. Ucla upset number one michigan state lsu upset number. Two arkansas alabama was the number four in the polls upset number three nebraska alabama both to the national championship and it's only because the ap decided to start counting the bowl game So time certainly changed in terms of how the national championships designed and that we have kind of several example in this story of of recent national championship game did make because they're on their own day and you know i had to take an account more than one game on one day of these old new year's day game near days out of the national championship but that That made look. You just said something. I have to leave it here. Because we've run so long here but met you shocking. Even now to remember that. The head the notre dame didn't go to a bowl game until the late ninety late late sixties. I guess a the big ten didn't let you go back to the rose bowl. i mean how. How crazy is that. You know people say that again. People say that boulder exhibitions especially in the path. It's just it's wild time to change and it took so you know the seventies really sixty five sixty six years with the start of it all and it's it's just changed so much and now we're back to talking.

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