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People between us michael eisner was my boss there was no question about that i knew who reported to me in both roles i think that makes for a pretty good organisational framework and it's just the pinnacle of me ask you this show said the people off who say that the power of the ceo is not directly transferable because of all the interested in washington and you know trump to the example of coming it is a pure businessman you'd think that transition is is each year that it looks then or no no no i i don't know that it's easier than it looks as his hard i mean that who the government is a massive operation in eid is impossible to get your hands around everything you know in the end of the day gm the truth is in government at disney and most things you live or die by the people around you you are no better than the people you pick yao trump said i picked the best of the best he doesn't he doesn't but you are no better i mean i looked good at times because of the people who supported me and the times i didn't look so good is when i didn't listen to the people who supported his ego allow them to do that in the white house has been completely dysfunctional totally dysfunctional fifth because he doesn't have the people and you gotta be able listen to the people you can trust the people you know jimmy carter used to say you've asked what the people who brought you brought there and that's true you bring the right people and then you stay with them what now what were the big things you made your mark on it edhi trust with the ibm and microsoft cases going on then ibm was microsoft was not at t and microsoft and ibm with the to consult the breakup obey to on the maoist about yet that i was very much involved in the at t case had been brought before i was there but the trial started when i was there and we were trying to negotiate two of resolve the.

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