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Can your words Kinda be like can you. Can you be charged for like murder based on something that you said I'd like. She wasn't anywhere near him. She's miles and miles away. This is all via text in phone call so that was like hurt. The defenses like argument was like she wasn't there like she didn't do it. He did it on his own. So there's this whole argument about like Kenya words enough enough to like Bush someone how many like even those how many people get bullied every day or how many kids like kill themselves because people fucking snapchat or sending them shit that gets disappeared that they have no physical evidence is anymore after or like kids are vicious nowadays so like everything that goes on it's like they're of course I mean you're not gonna be able to track everyone downright so like this was a different kind of case but like all these kids at kill themselves else like and then the kids that bullied them just move on with their lives like nothing and the parents do anything about it but what about the parents and the family of that kid that killed himself or that life that never started in the really really interesting thing too is that they were saying like most of the time especially in the case of like suicide they go through someone's phone. They won't check it. 'cause it's like why there's no. There's no foul play like you know it's clear suicide but this one detective like I just had a like a gut feeling the checkers phone and then like when they went through all the text he was like no this is much deeper than a kid. It's committing suicide like read all this and then like the other detective read it. Yes we need to go get her and she tried to deny that she even like had these conversations with them. They were like while you're dumb. This is all is your number all you <hes> and then they actually they had all over text and once they got his phone <unk> wanted to subpoena like her friends phones unlike they saw that she said she was so this craving attention like she really wanted like even before he committed suicide. She would text her friends about how like Oh my boyfriend's thinking of killing himself. I'm so scared like she just wanted wanted like people to feel sorry for and one of the big things that she did was she did like baseball fundraiser after he died and she didn't even do it in his hometown. She did it in her town because it was more about her and not about him and and like best friend was like he didn't live near like. Why are you doing here and she was like well because it's closer to me like you know I'm the one organizing? Don't take my idea like that's done the girl she runs cheese. That's terrible. It's really in how hard watch but it's a really good documentary if you have like H._B._O.. Now are going to I would wash elling it's called. I love you now died. That's the name documentary Oh yeah check it out. Anything Massachusetts like it was very real. Real here like in Taunton is only like thirty five minutes away from the city and like it like it was a major major ordeal. When it first happened it was it was nuts? The whole cases just very very crazy looks on that gee. I'll definitely look into it. Sorry the last thing I always like wrestling good. What about you write anything? I actually saw the a second Jumanji for the first time I thoroughly enjoyed. I enjoyed it a lot more than expected <hes> I saw the act also saw the first two episodes of the new all that way what what is his new all well. Everyone's everyone's ears perked up right now. They rebooted all that like it's a new cast is still the T._l._C. Song. That was <hes> something I was worried about but still T._l._C. Song. I said the case he I waited for this when they were doing the Stop Looking Watch get ready at get set foul here T._l._C.. I'm turning off the Damn T._v.. GotTa Note. Did they give the job I know one. The first thing is <hes> he's in the Good Burger again and then they also have Laurie Death December doing <hes>. Oh she's doing the news yes. He did <hes> she did vital information. I'm going to have to look this up yeah. I'M GONNA have to look this up to do. rebooting just aired already yeah. No it's pretty interesting the comedy when they do like you know when they get away from the old cast and go straight to new passes chuckle go worthy at least in my opinion <hes> you can't swagger there right now I I mean there's like a very on the knows beyond same person ater it's not. I don't feel his original characters. Yeah like some of his good. Some of it made me laugh but I mostly watch it for the callback on the okay coming in for a couple of minutes anything else right <hes> actually I think he's going to enjoy this one. I actually watched so playing for the first time that's a good guilty. Pleasure the G. rules. I always like post like anniversaries for movies and I got Deanne. When I posted there the anniversary I think if twentieth whatever it was and like I usually appreciate your movie anniversary anniversary? How could you like shout out so play like rant? A little like man I mean it was is a good put on as you're falling asleep. Movie Award goods should never be associated with Seoul played. I didn't WanNA think about Snoop Dogg flying my place Kevin Hart owning the airline. All you need is Tiffany haddish and you got our fucking all in Shit. Show <hes> broke Casey Spiderman one original Cherry. Do you never seen it now. She hasn't seen this one and we're GONNA watch to probably this week cut. She like g enjoyed it. <hes> you know she. She was getting kickoff. How dated a lot of things where like I don't know if anyone has seen it recently? <hes> <unk> I re-watch it. It is really date is dating. I mean I still appreciate it for what it is on Renzo but it is dated. I watched it again before I watched all of them before we've I saw the new one and it is very sorry. I don't know how it in ages well Spiderman to age well. I think spider his room two years later two years later then spider-man one is just yeah I mean it's still washable it just and another thing. I don't know if anyone when that senior recently you Tom Holland and you owe back and watch toby. He looks like he's forty. Years Old Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield look old. There's no reason that the landlords daughter should be hitting on Tobey Maguire. She looks like he's sixteen. He looks like he's thirty. It's really weird. He wasn't thirty when you made it right. He was at least one you know he was in mid twenties twenty-six he was in the Mid Twenties early twenty nine thirty anything else Ri- or that a O._S.. and which by the way the last two episodes phenomenal the cut up this morning bro. It's so good right. Now we're going on Jianye. Were going over our <hes> Sandiego comecon stuff for the press renewing Jeez I next week and when I looked at the ages shield PENAMA guess g should anything with Clark rigs and what else I washed a couple minutes and not because it was bad but just because I ended up having stuff to do do I started watching good omens on and I enjoyed it especially with Dave. You know what I'm working on this fun to watch that with that Amazon stop shut the fuck up and I and I started a stranger things all right all right. What about you Chris Anything but stranger things in Spidey? Yeah I saw crawl. Oh how'd you like it. I liked it a lot man. I Li- like yeah the premises silly but like it's very very well done like the jump scares. I don't usually like I don't wanna sound like a hard ass but like it's tough to get me 'cause you. When you watch enough movies you kind of their predictable coming yeah but like this one this one had at least four where they got me clean and I was just like I was like Oh? This is fun. It's fun like there's no doubt about it like it's really well shot. She's very believable and yeah. It's better alligator movies. I think flaccid steel hilt reviews along they had. I don't think they knew what they had the fact that not even they held they held reviews. There was no critic screening at all all oh by the way I forgot. We didn't see crawl yesterday because we saw a stupid. I forgot that mentioned that Oh not as funny as I thought it would be Kista. He's good Batista's good. I think Batista's I don't think he'll ever be laid a rock top tier lead actor but he yelled his own. I think it was really good John John No I think so it goes like Roxie yeah well. You know what let me say that because Batista already has an iconic role with drax so I can't really say that yet so this is in better movies. He's then yeah then and the rockies furious nine the will guy saw toy story for sorry. Did we record before my head. I Apologize. We'll going back to what you're saying like. I've I seen interviews with Batista says he is more. He's not worried about the role. He's more worried about the quality of the film that he's in. That's I'm surprised he did this humidity comment about the fast and furious movies that he wants to be good films like wow dam it is right. I mean you're really good yeah but I'm guessing that they're the only studio that trusted them to be lead in a movie which is why he took it. I'm pretty sure there's like fighting each other to give him a lead role. I think marvel has helped them. Yes like the fact that he does so well with what he does it marvel with guardians. I think we don't see a drag coming anytime soon. Wish shocked. I didn't laugh as much as I did because that movie the trailers looks hilarious but you know it is what it is. I I WANNA see I do WANNA see crawl. Yeah I enjoy. I think you'll enjoy like going in for like a cinematic experience that idea. You're you're in the wrong yeah for sure what the trailer I saw the most this summer by the way at any movie I went to say trailer and I heard it's really short Chris like it's it doesn't there's no fillers alerts straight action throughout. Oh yeah yeah yeah once it starts raining. It gets very real rainstorm. I've ever seen and even real quick any word on the next one. He's doing that my spy. Oh I thought the trailer yesterday pushed back in two weeks. I think our free weeks <hes> they pushed it back. They claim because it was too close to this movie that came him out this weekend but there's also issued with that studio. They're having like money issues..

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