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The the institution of the room, where the person might not wanted to not have wanted to invite that person may not want to invite Colin or the CO founder of black lives, matter or Toronto over, but it's like see felt more comfortable inviting me so now. I'm just GONNA. Talk about them, and I'M GONNA say why I'm actually up here, and it's like you know things culminate in different voices and personalities that at different times for different reasons, not still always try to kick it back to all the people that really are the reason that I'm here and sort of give that credit because it's not mind to take. I didn't create it. I'm just have the microphone right now trying to do it responsibly. Always speak on behalf of the people. Really Yeah. because there was a campaign that just launched them. You guys had a chance to. Watch it online, but it was cost shared the Mike and it was. A lot of black voices in the community like around the Toronto Burg's Black Lives Ladder ACL, you so many amazing women like women in enacted. His took over the pages of of other white women who had large followings and. It's almost like sharing the Mike you know us. Sharing the might not speaking four, but just say or or using that moment will find their voices. You know the people who do this work. Every single day people have called me after this, but no, there are people who are out there on the front lines day and night eating reading sleeping this stuff so. It's it it's it's like that it's like you feel I think when you get the platform that we have, it's second. JUST WANNA share. The might want to amplify their voices in a in a deeper way in in in in only mostly artists invokes with these platforms. They can only understand like it's. Everybody's always has where did you wearing? What are you doin'? And it's just like that is not where our spirits all right now. That is not where a country is right now. This is not how WANNA use this platform. Of However, many millions of people are looking looking at us as I. Just WanNa say thank you to make him for for feeling that because in the same breath like us, having this platform and feeling responsibility, there are other people who don't and opt out you know and Always tip my hat in. Commend those of us. Who who say you know what we're not perfect? You know we're not going to say and get things right? One thing is for sure is that we care about community we care about our communities, and we understand are privileged. Check it all the time, and it's going to take their real checking of privilege row. Checking of how can I be a better ally? How can I show up for folks who who you know who may not have the same freedoms freedoms as I do it's GonNa. Take US checking that over and over and over you. Absolutely I think what you you both hit on his like allies ship. It is using that religion here. A lot of people like I felt crippled or or really guilty about by white privilege on like it's okay. You have privileged Howard using it as the question. How are you using it to help empower others? ACKNOWLEDGED A bridge..

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