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Whether there whether it's evans or orion wrote row kwan smith one of those guys that you can plug plug and play and have an impact guy at the linebacker position or maybe even a derwyn james type player big safety the uncertainty with a sewer craven's and and that whole role that they need now i i think that that that would be a possibility as well it wouldn't surprise me off they want defense with this pick and then came back to wide receiver maybe in the second round but dallas cowboys dallas cowboys have a couple big things to watch in this offseason particularly as it pertains of free agency this is one of those teams you like to say you know best player we're going to stick to our board but sometimes free agency does bleed into the draft i don't know what's going to happen with dez bryant all i know is he's not the dense brian of two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen and they're going to have to pay him a ton of money to be kind of a glorified possession receiver if he's there if he's not suddenly you have a wide receiver korei terrance williams brice butler whatever you think noah brownies whatever you think cold beasley is and that's not a great situation if effort dak prescott there's also the big question on the defensive lied you franchise tag demarcus lawrence you know for a huge numbered you get him locked up longterm for a huge number if for some reason he's not back pass rush is not a good situation so you have some highprofile positions you know you know the offense aligns a good shape todd when you look at these guys what are you thinking.

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