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Just after nine. The Great City of Chicago. He study I'm Capt. Jesse Rogers is our baseball insider. He's at the World Series on the company Dime. Think joins us Now. Just say good morning. Yeah, not a bad gig. Can I tell you quick story I got here yesterday and I'm staying near the ballpark. Okay, And we're near the ballpark, right? What's that? The Ritz Carlton's near the You don't make me laugh. I'll spit out my coffee, not the Ritz Carlton. So I'm near the ballpark. I'm walking over there to watch the workouts. The Rays were gonna work out. The Rays have never played in the stadium. The first game will be tonight, which is just crazy, right? This This crazy year that we've had some walking over there and I see all these people in cowboys uniforms and I texted Adam Abdominal. Are the Cowboys play the money? I had no idea. The stadium's air next to each other. So all these cowboy fans air going into watch that crap of a game last night. I'm like, man, I could have gone to see the Cowboys play, so they're allowing about 11,000 fans in Each stadium and then you know, tonight Game one of the world's serious be the first time the race play in the stadium. First time the race play in front of fans this year, so be quite the task for them to overcome all this stuff on beat the Dodgers. But you know what? They've already taken down the Yankees top fight payroll, the Astros top five payroll. Why not the Dodgers? My friend? What is the expected crowd for tonight's game or throughout the world? Siri's? Yeah, I guess that 11,007 11,500 something like that they've had. They've had fans in here throughout the championship. Siri's So it's not going to be any different for the Dodgers. I mean, I wasn't here for the championship serious but talking to pass and the guys that were here that you could hear the crowd. I mean, there was a little bit of a buzz, but I don't think it's going to be The big noise maker for the world. Siri's obviously that you'd expect, And the feeling is there'll be a lot of Dodger fans. Here's not not as many race fans. Let's get back to Chicago for a second. Yeah, A. J. Hinch is a name that is very closely aligned with the Chicago White Sox. As is Tony LaRussa. We've heard rumors of Bruce Bochy. Alex Cora. What do you know? I'm not asking for opinion. What do you know that a J. Hinch did in Houston? Either pro or against the sign stealing. I think it's kind of public already. He just did not stop it. He knew about it and did not stop it. Now. He made a couple attempts. Apparently he's spoken about it, but not enough. He didn't put his foot down and say Enough is enough. Don't do this any anymore, So that's the extent of it. I mean, here's the thing and I will give you my opinion waken go back and forth and what he did or what he did. It's a forgivable offense, at least in my opinion. I don't know about you guys. It's a forgivable offense. This isn't Pete Rose betting on baseball this I just think that Yeah, This is a guy that probably deserves a second chance. Coral. Probably get one. By the way. Course not a bad candidate for the white sex as well. Either One of them would be could candidates. I don't You agree that these air forgive a ble offenses? Both of them did Absolutely. And as we said at the time we found out the names Jessie is that you know him. He's going to get a job someplace. It wouldn't be the White Sox. Well, he's going to get another job because people do deserve a second chance. We know he's a good baseball man, so we knew he'd get another opportunity. But we also had a call Jesse last week, Hoody and I were a guy called in, said I'm a season ticket all there and I'm a huge socks van. If they hire him, I'm done. He'll be back. We think that's what he said. There's hot takes all over the place. I feel like that's the minority opinion. I mean, If you're a die hard fan of a team and your new manager got caught, I don't know, not stopping some sign stealing two years ago three years ago. Really, you're going to abandon your team. For that reason. I mean, there's so many things to get upset about these days. I just I'm not going to lose my mind over over either those 22 guys and what what they did. I think that it's what I said. I think they are forgivable offenses. The Chicago Cubs were in the news when Theo spoke, and then we had recounts Peak and he's making a managerial change, and the pitching coach is gone. We are you waiting for the other shoe to drop on the North side. We know where the Sox airheaded. Do you feel like Yeah, There's gonna be some big news and it's not far away. Yeah, I do. Think there ll be some big news. I do think I do think so There'll be some big news. I don't think it'll be feel related. I think there's one or two things that I haven't heard any power structure change over there just yet. If at all. I think one or two things. They're gonna happen with Theo, even either they're going to publicly say OK, it's Jed Hoyer's thing Right now he's going to hold the press conference is for this season at least. And jet and Theo's going to be his his side man, So to speak, or it's gonna just be internal stuff because there will be a change. I mean, I think if he was making the final decisions that everything last year I I think that changes a little bit this year..

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