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Oh five some, pretty startling numbers the NYPD statue of, the, number, of city students charged with felony. Sex crimes in schools jump. By one hundred thirty, eight percent during the last academic year the post says there were thirty one felony sexual assault misconduct arrests ranging from rape to sex abuse that's up from thirteen arrests in the previous year We. Say a spokeswoman, says this is deeply troubling behavior that, has, no, place in our schools and they. Remain laser focused on taking. Action to address it Advisory for the city and adjacent suburbs, continuing now it's been extended. Through six PM Friday AccuWeather, says today hot and humid sun and clouds ninety two with the, real feels a hundred this afternoon so be ready for that Well the humidity partly cloudy very warm and humid tonight seventy seven's are low in mid town, seventy in some suburbs tomorrow temperature wise a high of eighty eight so a. Bit lower with real feels though still mid. Nineties very warm, and humid with, some storms coming on in looks like tomorrow night into Saturday morning had. Some heavy downpours are possible Seventy six degrees. Now partly cloudy skies humidity eighty percent in that real feel, eighty one is your stepping out the door on the way to ninety two in real feels, at one hundred degrees this afternoon Wins news time. Six oh six city councilman Germany Williams who's vine to unseat Lieutenant governor Kathy hotel and upcoming democratic primary has released five years of his taxes after she challenged him to do that most tax returns show he wrote off more. Than, three thousand, dollars, last year for haircuts and grooming his campaign. Spokesperson tells the daily news the right office justified because it also. Falls into the category including tailoring laundry and dry cleaning News time six oh, seven the latest controversy surrounding President Trump. Involves his decision to revoke the national security clearance a former CIA director John Brennan a frequent critic of Mr.. Trump here's Brennan and. MSNBC calling this an abuse of power revoking my security clearances his way of trying to get back at me but I think I have tried to voice the concerns of millions of Americans about Mr. Trump's failures In terms of filling the responsibilities of that sacred in solemn office of the presidency Brennan says he actually heard of this decision from a TV report he hasn't been contacted by anyone the Trump White House Wins news. Time six oh eight Your. Fans of, the band social distortion of course social deny commenting about an incident, in concert in Sacramento last month which a fan claims frontman.

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