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Visit Joe run cost money at this time, bow Genesis had close to three hundred athletes, we were consuming so much product. I had to go to the black market to. Okay. I just stumbled a cost some kind of stoic wing ending. I was going to get caught. I was busy going to palm. Artie cocaine Bill thousand dollars a month. Steroid scandal in sports history exploded over four thousand dollars. It's look if I don't get my money up blow this whole thing up put a bit. It was just a bit get rid of steroids. Now, this is my whole life my legacy. You told me why she served one any Tony Bosh? Tony Bosch is a drug coke addicts bad son that father bad brother, bad, Emily. What can you tell us about? No, he's lucky. He's not in the canal anywhere. This guy's connected. A lot of people don't do this. You're gonna get killed. So I got my nine millimeter. That guy's a messy sleazy thing. Major league baseball did and trained to pay witnesses threatening people too plop rate a rod in his crew. We're doing almost the exact he pretty much can forget the hall of fame. We've almost like, hey, mom. I made it to the big leagues. But in a different way. You can make this. That's incredible. That's good. It's wild. I can't wait. I cannot wait Bosch seems like he's what's Italian. He's Cuban Cuban Cuban. Yeah, he's he's got his last name is is actually no relation to Chris Bosh Miami Heat. But his last name is has hold a lot of sway on the streets of Miami. And the Cuban exile community his dad's cousin Orlando Bosch is one of the most famous anti-castro Cuban exile terrorists in history among his on his resume. He stood on the causeway, connecting the city of Miami and Miami Beach right by the port of Miami. All the cruise ships are and he had a bazooka on his shoulder this in the late seventies. And he fired a missile at a polish freighter because companies to come in east. And fortunately, it didn't arm as it fired. He just hit the side of the freighter rolled into the to the water Christ Jesus jail time for that. Oh, hell, yeah. But he's a hero in the Miami Cuban exile community. So it's just it's that kind of story. That's that's little. Tidbits like that. And you know, and then, of course, a bunch of kids running around facial hair and lab coats. It's all forms, and I can't wait super creative the way he did it. Here's what's clear to me, too is so we know all this stuff about Bosch. We know about you know, the the stuff with the NFL in the dude in northern Kelly. What's his name, the guy who got Balci all that? But if people think that the P D's, and all that stuff isn't going on right now, there's another sort of there's there's gonna be a whole nother thing. And people say you're like in Miami. Like who's the new Tony Bosch like in Miami? Like, where do you go like new it's real easy to figure out you drive around south Miami Little Havana, Hialeah suburbs of Miami Dade? And you look in like office parks strip malls. You find like a nondescript place where it says like clinic on the outside, and like a mirrored or tinted window and a bunch of cop cars from different police departments parked in front of it. And that's why the cop cars because they're watching what he know their clients twenty Bosh had a hundred cop clients, usually massages from I gotta get on fucking. A crap about Robert Kraft, Florida show, always a party Jupiter Jupiter feet wrote Gubkin jacked off sorry. Get what this shows he's going in..

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