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And this is where I expected the book to stay because I wasn't really sure what the devil thing was going to be about. I thought it was going to be more of like a spooky state asylum story. Okay. Did not have any asylum? No, actually the book just leaves him to go there stuff. Got it. He does meet the titular master of of title who is a spurned. Literary author perhaps a bit of a Bulgakov stand in who is he attempted to writing novel about punches pilot, hey, that's the story that we were hearing, but it was so thoroughly rejected by critics that he burned the manuscript, much like the main group of the master, Margarita left his lover, Margarita and then was framed by one of his acquaintances who gave a false report to the authorities. So he sought refuge in this mental hospital. So this like artists has turned his back on creating art in society. And is like living in this mental hospital. So that's like the setup. I guess. And the big thrust of the book is the devil do in devil stuff to corrupt Russia, not corrupt as an adjective in that sense. So he is there to like, expose how corrupt in silly this whole system is after the dude barely owes dies. The devil and his friends move into barely department. They have like fabricated papers. Barely his roommate tries to like get them. Kicked out, or you know what is happening here and they literally teleport him to y'all too. To just get rid of him. Okay. Okay. Okay. They they get rid of what to do with this information. I didn't know either they get rid of another guy who is causing trouble for them by like plaint planting foreign currency on him. And then like having someone call the cops and then he's like taken away. There's a lot of disappearing of people which mostly it's the devils doing, but the devil is taking advantage of this like hyper paranoid like repressive repressive government society, and the devil is taking advantage of all of the incentives that individuals have to like claw their little way like into a better apartment or more whatever it might be. So let me like explain the devils retinue a little bit. I've talked about the big cat. His name is behemoth which is a reference to the monster. And also I think is like the Russian word for hippopotamus. He is described at one point as a black cat of uncanny size with a glass of vodka in one paw and a fork on which he had managed to spear a pickled mushroom in the other as kind of a goofy jerk. That is always like cracking jokes and causing trouble at one point. This is a good struck me funny. He is pouring himself a glass of water and everyone instead of screaming, they're watching this in horror, and one guy goes, that's class like the way that he is glass of water for himself. There's a guy who's always wearing a checkered suit and opponent is his name is great. What pinch nez? Yeah. What is that? I think it's like glasses that just hang on your nose. P. i. n. c. n. easy. Okay, I'm looking. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, they kinda perch on your nose yet. They pinch your nose. Paul snus like French. The think top image that comes up is just of teddy Roosevelt wearing these glasses. Popular in the nineteenth century. Sure. Okay. He is an ex always described as an ex choirmaster, which I think is a reference to him being a fallen member of the Djelic choir, and he is capable of creating allusions or get to that in a second. There's a dude named as Zillow. Who is named for the fallen angel Zeyzoun's or as his, oh, who I think is in one apocryphal book or one book of the bible or like a noncanonical book of the bible is described as being responsible for makeup like sin of makeup..

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