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Was at the other end the house. It's just like mom. Do you know where my Blah Blah Blah is right. So I just want to ask one final question because you said you have to love this in order to do it. Can you put into words? What the love of making movies as I'd say it for film and TV. Honestly I I say to people when they ask for if you could do anything else and be as happy. You should do that. 'cause this is really hard and I don't mean hard in a brain surgery way but you get told no all the time you rejected even when everything comes together perfectly and you make something great. Nobody may show up or you know. I'm as proud of the television series sweet vicious as anything I've ever done and I got probably some of the best reviews in my career but it was a moment in time where MTV was doing away with scripted programming and they debuted it the night of the two thousand sixteen election and maybe it was ahead of its time but even when things go really well sometimes you can have heartbreak in it and again. I'm not talking about the kind of heartbreak. That are incredible. First responders are going through but for me. I was really lucky that seeing shows like Mary. Tyler Moore show or watching that girl after school when I'd come home because it was in syndication by that point. Which was this Marlo? Thomas Show where she was single and living in New York and on her own in Manhattan and not married. Those are the only characters that I saw that had careers when I was growing up that were women and I do believe that representation is incredibly important. And that if you can't see yourself reflected in pop culture. You don't know that you can live different. Lives or tell different stories. So the early producers were women that were visible. Were all addresses. Whether it was Jane Fonda Barbra streisand or Sally field. Goldie Hawn those were the people who were the first producers in jobs that were visible that like a kid growing up in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Could say hey. Maybe I could do this but really watching movies reading books listening to music watching television. Those were the things that were my salvation growing up and not pre Internet world. They were the things that allowed me to see. That bigger possibilities were out there and that I could relate to Ratto Rizzo Enjo- Buchan midnight cowboy and their emotions even though they were nothing at all like me a feelings of loneliness in the same way that you know somebody watching moonlight or parasite you understand that people have similar issues and that we're all part of this great human experience without cinema and I include television that or or art i. I don't know the ways we make it through for me. So that's why I couldn't do. And as long as I feel that way about it and as long as it continues to have that effect on me and I certainly hope that Mrs America has the people that they want to get out there and fight for their rights. Whether it's their right to stay at home mom or their right to work or their right to have control and sovereignty over their own body whatever those rights are to not sit back and let them be taken away from us. Stacey it has been such an incredible honor having you today. I really appreciate everything you've said all of the work you've done everyone should go watch. Mrs America April Fifteenth on Fx. On Hulu I cannot wait. I'll thank you guys. So much and Dana thank you for joining his Co host. It has been so much fun. Having you. Great to see you know we have to change soon as this quarantine is over. I'm coming over. I can't wait talk every thanks Jenny. Stacey Hollywood unscripted created by KIRKUM CO MEDIA. This episode of the stuck at home specials was hosted by me. Jenny Curtis Co hosted by the Amazing Dana Goria. Many thanks to our incredible guests. Stacey Sher thank you to the rest of our team as well. Michael Kennedy did the episode mastering Stewart Halpern our executive producer and Celestin. Eric Dick who created the Hollywood unscripted theme song. And thank you to all of our listeners. We hope you get as much joy and inspiration from these interviews we do. Please make sure to subscribe as we have several more specials coming your way during this time of quarantine we also appreciate if you'd leave us a rating in a review. We want to hear from you. Stay safe and healthy. And we'll see you next time.

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