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That's my. I love alley just ran. Lex was popping off like right after we got together. There's something about the It's like a pastime. Super gay of me is like anthropological. I was looking at everyone's like what's the correlation between these like l. a. Dykes and how much of them prefer open relationship. I don't know i was just like how do you do they search. Yeah and this was inspired. Actually because of our facebook group Someone in there was like anyone know any like single chicagoans. You can set me up with. And then i was like this person should go on hot. Muscian hadi's i was just spending some time on their last night. And then i went for another binge looking at it and then i went all the way down and found that lisa. My good friend passed gas to the pod. How to post on there. I'm going to say that what about you. I think i'm up to like eight or nine times watching that scene from amanite. And that's the thing but i was supposed to have another thing. That was the gas thing and that was that. You mean Eric arose and her girlfriend and alina street. We were to go to cubbyhole. We had outside reservations for cubbyhole to have a socially distant hang out. And i was so so excited. I didn't care that it was going to be cold but it got rained out. I'd planned my outfit. Three days in advance already planned out my like thermals long under a situation. I was so prepared excited ready to talk about. Why like plant in my head. That i would see this ahead of that and we would all talk about it and i was like. I don't even think about against thing because that's going to be it right now. Homophobic twenty cancelling plans ruin it but a related thing to that was a sicilian. I were Seeing a friend in need and to cheer her up. Cecilia invited her to our hang and said hey on friday. We're going to a.

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