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LA county USC medical center, where he is still in critical condition grave condition. And Andrew, there's a fifty thousand dollar reward with the board of supervisors. Then another fifty thousand dollars was put up by the association for the LA deputy sheriff's very quickly. I might I add, I've never seen a reward, come up, so quickly which means that they probably didn't have a lot of leads they needed to help right away and is one hundred thousand dollars. Does this guy's father get that money? It is possible, although it might be somewhat unlikely. And the reason I say that is, there are a couple of criteria that the county has for receiving reward money for tips that lead to a conviction. And the first is that the individual has to provide information to law enforcement that leads to the apprehension and conviction of the person responsible for a crime, while the father takes that box did just that. But the second criterion is that the person who tipped off. Authorities has to submit a claim four award to the board of supervisors and again thinking about this father. He's the one who takes the call from his son this morning. And here's his son say that he's just shot to people in southern California. And of course, again the father tips off police. But if you're in that situation, even though he felt compelled to tell police, what was going on to find his son. It would be up to him whether he decides to file a claim because he certainly would be eligible at least under the rules that I'm aware of and have read he would be eligible for that one hundred thousand dollars. But I, I can imagine how difficult of a situation that must be to say, I'm gonna get a hundred thousand dollars for turning in my son for being a well, at least an attempted killer. If not a murderer in the case of the south LA, sit or central L A situation. So yes, he could get the money, but it will be up to him, whether he decides to file a claim. Wow. I mean that is I it's unbelievable to think that that could happen. Also. I'm sure that the LAPD, you know, trying triangulate it the cell phones that were in the, the first murder, and they if they compared it to the list of cell phones that were involved in that area, the second murder they could've put that together pretty quickly. They, they do have that capability. Although it wasn't the cell phone in this particular case, at least, yesterday that, that probably led them to it. What, what I understand at the moment is that there was surveilled footage, what we're released. We're still photos that, of course, everybody has seen at this point of the man who walked into the Jack in the box and shot the deputy what we understand, is those photos, go out quickly from the LA county sheriff's department and win the LAPD sees these photos they go. Hey, that's the exact description of a man witnesses saw shoot someone in central LA about one hour before the shooting and L Hambro. So at least as I understand, it, it was the description in at least the photos that they could work off because they're now, looking at photos that almost to a T matched the description that people said, hey, we saw this individual shoot someone in central L A yesterday. And that's when. They started putting it together. Do we know anything about officer Solano thirteen year veteran, any does he have a wife young kids? We knew anything about him. What we heard is that he's a family man. We didn't hear about the wife and kids situation, just in, and of course, we know what he was doing for his mother, who, again, whose health is, is not great and he decides to take off dated Hafer oil change. We heard that he was a family man. He, he was also at one point of firefighter in L Hambro for a while before returning to the LA county sheriff's department, that's sort of what we heard about it. And then we know how old he is. He looks like he's probably in his mid fifties. I don't have that in front of me. I, I would I would guess it's about forties or fifties. So fifty fifty and and you know who's got a feel. I mean look this woman is never gonna get over this where, you know, she he goes to get his her oil change because she's not feeling good and get shot in the head like that. This woman is going to need a tremendous amount of help to get over that or even begin to get over that, that is unbelievable. All right. Well, thanks for staying on top of this. And right now, it's, it's you know, an ugly thing that, that has at his happen. Hopefully it was more information. We can have you on tonight or tomorrow. Yes. Sounds good. Again. It is really came together so quickly. And in no small part because of the tip that this father passed onto police in Long Beach where his son made that call. That is that's never heard of this before ever. Unbelievable. Thank you. So appreciative yeah you got Andrew mollenbeck. We know any more information tonight. We will have that for you by just everybody. All the, the cops I in, you know, in not just the sheriff's department five in, in all around southern California, and they're just all numb over this, because it could have been them isn't at random shooting. And, you know, these guys a lot of them have, you know, families a lot of them have moms that have. Have avast you know to go to the oil change place to help them out and every single cop can relate to what that guy did. He was just helping his mom out. I you know, still helping his mom out, and I am going to get an oil change then sliding in for a couple of tacos. Everybody's done this everybody and just real quick at Conway show on Twitter. We've retweeted video that NBC LA tweeted out of the guy. What looks to be the guy running out of the church into the KEA leading police on a chase? Oh, really? Yeah. Just a quick like fifteen or twenty second video, but I mean he's sprinting out of that church and taken off mile unbelievable relied on KFI more bender. The LA city council is.

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