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Movies was take place in it's just like it pins on the wall in terms of. Here's exactly when this takes place and someone in the fucking art department must have been really into ruby at the age that abreu is supposed to be and just went for it. And i appreciate you whoever you are out there. Who got the ruby posters on the walls. You nailed it good job. I'm not try a hundred percent note. You're talking about with ruby. yes so so. Ruby is an animated youtube series. I came about. It has a long storied. History that is intertwined with like early youtube animations using game engines and a bunch of creators. That got really famous doing that. Banded together to make their own original content and original content ended up being quasi ruby. There is ruby merchandise up on the walls of abbas bedroom and that specific corner of internet culture was legitimately very popular with boys and girls of that age l. The time that this movie was supposed to take just can't believe that you caught this because there was there it was there like four me. Maybe i don't know it might not even a wikipedia page. It's are don't tell me why. Yeah ruby like the. Google didn't even know what you're talking about so we'll google is a fool and it's a thing just trust me. It's a thing and they did a damn good job. All right Stay tuned for the ruby boo club. Yeah the stephen king rube club. Also can we just agree that the word rube is not fun or cool. And i wished that stephen king had never learned it. Yeah i yeah. It's one of those like Linguistic ticks that all of us have like we all say certain words all the time. And that's his that. I really don't like that. I wish she'd never learned ru. I don't know who dot it to him. But it's nice posterity. Say posterity weights. You often when lee sometimes and correct context. Yeah we all have them. What did you like about this movie in. Obviously whoever was in the art department and do the lighting and stuff killed it. The lighting was phenomenal. That was going to be one of my. I don't ever think about lighting. And that's funny. 'cause my best friend is a lighting guy but life never hits me unless it's really amazing and the ra- little continuity things like the red rum broken glass actually like roughed up the actors hand a little love. There's little things here there. Rows like the the people that are working on this fucking professionals. You know what i mean. Yes. one hundred percent agree that second. The ewan mcgregor a performance took out to me. I thought he was believable. I believe he was a recovering alcoholic. I believe he was very upset about the lot that he'd been handed in this year. He aged as we went on. Yeah no i one hundred percent agree. I think that his performance was a shining light in this movie for me. I have to agree. The lighting was quite good. Almost too good almost ostentatious. There were a few moments or as like this gorgeous but like this is not. You don't need this every scene. It started to be distracting to be fair. The shining was sam. That's true that was one of the things i was going to say. Is that some of the filmmaking qualities the tropes the conventions were ripped straight from kubrick in a way that i think was very self-conscious. So you'd have these really slow seven second cross fades between clips which is something that cubic loved and loved to do specifically in the shining..

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