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It. Did you see we got another Paul davis citing Did and at a high school football game and leeds alabama was in. Somebody's davis's the sponsor and their high school. football program. awesome from leads. i think it was lee alabama alabama. Who is black is the actor. Lucas black plays ncis new orleans. He was In sling blade the little kid and sling blade. Yeah well He's from the area of alabama that we used to be on on the radio and his mom to call us. Tell us keep us up to date on when he was going for auditions and stuff like that when he was little. This pre sling blade or Tokyo drift or whatever which one of those he was in stuff or friday night lights. He was in the friday night. Lights movie But we were talking to him one time and he so laid back in and he was about fifteen or sixteen i guess and he so laid back and so non hollywood that He was telling us about. How would he really wanted to be a professional bass fisherman and then he say you know he he takes his girlfriend out his favorite thing due take his girlfriend out and go fishing. Teach our how to fish and all that we said. Oh is your girlfriend in show business. he goes no she from leeds. She leads oh she's from leads. All right just a local girl from leeds alabama. All right we gotta gotta is hollywood girls on my leads here leeds alabama. That's what i think she from eighteen leads and then You know his mom and sling. Blade was the one that said. Leave so leave. Just not his real mom but his mom in the movie sling blade leave doll. Flav dole that build up on. No doll was Dwight yoakam bilbao thornton. Was carl okra. Lead the league heasley. You still haven't seen them. They haven't seen that haven't seen the notebook crazies. But with how romantic and sappy you can be anymore. I'm not as much like that anymore. But i can Yeah i just don't have any movie sweet and romantic and that was pre is whole day so we have several meetings today after the show that you know we're not wanting to have but we're going to be here a couple of hours after we get finished with the share funny adams got zoom colin and all kinds of crap to them Sucks you city livers may hit some real traffic going home. I didn't late as you're going to be going home okay. So maybe we'll get lunch ordered in With that elects getting lunch. Yeah not never have a problem with food. But i mean staying late today. I guess not surprise out of here and go see stuff. What stuff do you have about it. I'm a lot happier. His be fun. So you left him in charge of Your cat colucci today. He's there your house by himself is to be ransacked when she gets back single me. Some hose up in their prostitutes stop it. He got a key to my apartment which is huge. Because i was like if you have to leave while i'm here you know and you have to because my door you have to lock it with the key in order to to leave standard-issue on doors well some log by themselves. You can lock it from the inside like when you live in a hotel or those turn ones that you can lock from the inside so i gave him a key and i said on irresponsible with this and so he's gonna keep it those responsible with the. Are you going to get it back from before. He goes back to the ship or wherever he's stationed. Well he would still have to call my phone to get into the building. So i don't care if he takes it has he still can't get in unless Let him in. Got a nice big bed. he's not used to. They probably don't have like a nice queen size bed that he sleeps in right. He doesn't live on base. he lives in the house. I'm thinking he's on a ship all right. He's shown me pictures of when he did live on the boats though in its close quarters very close but I told him i said. Make sure if you open the screen door. Got to watch her because she will try to jump out. And i just got some flowers while we were at josh's farmers market this weekend in mooresville and Caluzzi loves eating flowers. So anytime that. I buy flowers. I have to put him up somewhere and i woke up this morning because she knocked them over in. The water was dripping everywhere. And reading flowers. Did you spank her. I did and i sprayed her with a water thing with the water spray. She gets me so angry. Spray water a baby. Put some four o. Nine in there do better keep are out doing stuff that is but it sounds horrible. Some cleaner household cleaner on her scale trick to works good. She hates it. She's scared of algiers graviton. She starts running yeah. They don't like that doing that. With jodie superindent overcooked. The turkey if you how to make that right. Yeah did that one time. And she didn't think it was funny. It wasn't because she had just. Because i had it out at the grill because the grill was fired up and i had the little spray bottle in She was doing something in in the kitchen. When i came inside and freighter one time. The not amusing no. She didn't think that to him okay. she's funny. I love shopping with her by the way when you go shopping. Perusing the aisles of josh's farmers market perusing We've got some flowers. Our i don't know it's gonna be my new best friend know d- dj said..

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