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Speaking out about today's school shootings you'll hear more in two minutes first let's check traffic and weather together on the H. Julian Rogers seventy five is not good right now if you are heading south towards downtown from Plano there are two bad stretches to watch for first you're going to run into some back up because of trash pick up really this is south I would say right around Yeltsin park where you can expect to be on the brakes just a bit and it's not a it's not a terrible the way but it's it's enough to slow you down a bit so the right now the rolling about Spring Valley working in the H. I. V. and left lanes and once you get out of this mess you run into what is a bigger delay I read around forest lane that's gonna be pretty tight thanks to an accident south at park lane and this one let me double check here yes we are still in one lane of traffic so that that's improved a bit they've they've opened up a line that we have got to tie up on I twenty in south Dallas let's go to Breck Gilly I do have good news Duncanville eastbound twenty just after cedar ridge there was a wide load eighty with the with a wide load and escort have the right lane blocked up of a that stop while they decided which way he else to go out to get him out of there well they have moved on their way contract picking up speed now from just Kasper for await the Bedford southbound one twenty one your cheeks Parker that construction in the left lane has folks Roland at five to ten miles an hour back to just before glade the chevron attack run alternate route power by ways in this case going to be three sixty that's the reason for that you're probably wondering why you can't take industrial that's because they've got it shut off if you get off an industrial you can't continue.

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