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The the actual devil to learn the violin and of course in in America we have the the devil went down to Georgia there's some of our mythology rolling around the Phil what did you do. I'll never tell. tough but fair Alex by the way thanks to our team of Swedish fiddle tune correspondence led by liana Jansson for this couple of tunes by and about the neck. listen to live from the. live from here on eighty nine point three KPCC at nine o'clock Malcolm Gladwell is on its filament and then Dev Hynes of blood orange on both sides at ten stick with us and thanks for listening. I listen to both sides with Jesse horn because I respect his taste in music and comedy I'm Jesse thorn this week I'll talk with Dev Hynes of the groundbreaking R. and B. project blood. US comedian and actor Joel Kim the star that's on the next bulls eye for maximum fun dot org NPR. Saturday night's attack on.

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