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Fast down the highway you know stick your head out the window that's kind of how it feels when you're seeing But then if you crash it's just like you're driving down the highway and then you jump out of the car Oh my God And then you slide for like half a mob but you just gotta go Gumby You gotta be like peewee Herman You gotta Let it go Did it your dad try to push you to do other sports I mean I tried a lot of other sports and I have to say I was absolutely terrible at all of them I played soccer and my only goal was against my own team I tried to figure skating and I like the outfits a lot but my dad pulled me out of that after about a month tennis huge failure Gymnastics I was too tall since I was like 9 years old So skiing was definitely where I had some talent It's funny 'cause in a way it's like you failed your way to a gold medal You failed at everything else and you're like I'm just gonna kill it as skiing Exactly I was just gonna say Lindsay and I basically have the exact same trajectory with sports except for I never got to the part where I was a gold medalist I sucked at one after another after another and then also scared Now Lindsey your new show on Amazon the pack Okay so I just got a dog This is my first time getting a dog And so we got a golden doodle Her name is yasu and she's adorable Oh that's cute Now you got Lucy Lucy's adorable as well So first of all the question is is this a show you wanted to do You were just looking at an excuse to hang out with Lucy I mean it was kind of a great excuse to hang out with Lucy but I was looking for kind of the next career move after skiing And I was like I get to travel the world with my dog and 12 other dogs I was like that to me is the best case scenario So How's it been filming with dogs Is there any trouble on set behind the scenes The dogs were the best part of the show I mean who doesn't want to watch a labradoodle running in slow motion with rainbow highlights Well Lindsey vonn we've asked you here today to play a game We're calling go von go You're used to hearing people yell Vaughan go But what do you know about van Gogh As in Vincent van Gogh answer two out of three questions correctly about the Dutch painter and you'll win a prize for one of our listeners the voice of their choice on their voicemail Bill who is Lindsey vonn playing for Andrew Campbell of Richmond Virginia All right Lindsey here's your first question After Vincent van Gogh famously cut off his own ear he painted a portrait of the Doctor Who treated him and gave the painting to the doctor as a thank you What did the doctor do with it A he printed his name on it then hung it up on a pole outside his offices like a sign B he used it to repair his chicken coop C he hung it up in his examination room as a warning to patients to take better care of themselves You mean all of these sound like not logical options And we'll see now you're thinking logical right You're thinking a lot Now this show is not necessarily show I mean I don't think it's singing poop but it could be number one but I don't know I'm gonna go with number three The truth is it was the chicken coop Wow This guy hated the painting so much that he used it to repair his chicken coop Now the painting today is valued at $50 million That's insane Wait you mean they reclaimed the painting from the chicken coop Or it would have been valued at 50 How does that work I think some of the paint isn't paint I think it's just chicken poop There you go It's just the dead chicken that you hang on your own So the game is don't think logically There you go Lindsey you got it right You go down a hill at 80 miles an hour You think that's logical That's not magical Correct All right here's your next question You still got a chance You get two of these This person wins So the oldest woman who ever lived who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years old lived long enough that she actually met Vincent van Gogh It's a moment that she remembered her whole life Why A because she couldn't get over how ugly he was B because he offered her his other ear saying I feel lopsided with just one Or C because she posed for him but in the finished painting there was a guitar on the chair instead of her I mean I think maybe number one you're getting good at this You're right Yes She says it's a moment she remembered her whole life because she couldn't get over how ugly he was All right you're one out of two Here's your last question Lindsey vonn Though most of van Gogh's art is worth well into the millions of dollars bargain hunters can still own a piece of history for the fraction of the price including which of these which recently sold at auction a for $80,000 a napkin on which van Gogh doodled a duck with a mustache B for $240,000 a letter between van Gogh and Gauguin describing their brothel visits or C for a $195,000 of VIP quote bedroom.

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