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Lake Road to traffic backed up to at least a Tory road collision their blocks at least one lane and then US twenty three south bound that ramp to Silver Lake that to ramp is close for midday construction that will re open at four PM today now W. J. R. whether first from the weather channel sponsored by reamer floor celebrate national keris stand Moffett reamer floors receive up to one thousand dollars back by rebate in addition to reamer sale prices on all care stand carpet sale ends November fourth to schedule your shop at home appointments and reamer florist dot com first day of fall is here some clouds this morning breezy conditions as well this afternoon peaks of sunshine will will be replaced by those windy conditions later today a high of seventy five degrees for tonight partly cloudy lo fifty seven currently seventy degrees Sunday no Clark W. J. R. news and about two PM environmental is an environmental risk management firm ranked number one in Michigan and top twenty nationally since nineteen ninety two they've been providing the highest quality most comprehensive and economical environmental services to leaders in all different business sectors this is Pat faring president and CEO of level one bank level and banks worked with PM environmental since our formation nearly twelve years ago PM provides environmental assessments for clients who are seeking loans with level one bank. they present continuing education or commercial lending team they keep us informed on current regulations and the staff is always been available to level one collaborating with them is one of our key partners with closing successful real estate loans which have been a great help to growing our business they've assisted us from the very beginning and been a trusted partner to learn more about the many environmental services offered to assist in your.

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