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Sorry i'm sending a phone message you so yeah we're we're both on the reds Texas i did not take anything in the texas and detroit gain detroit game. Dane donning intrigues school. Just couldn't find an angle. That done was good as last time out. But i don't. I don't think schools that bad. So i'm not touching until. And then the last one seattle colorado marco gonzales versus her mom marquez. Marco gonzalez has been fucking terrible. But if you think. I'm gonna lay a dollar eighty plus what it is for the rockies. You're out of your mind. They may win. They're favored to win or the team. I am fucking blaine money on the nurse. Good more no no no way over two hundred for them to get one and a half. I don't know they've been doing that a lot more lately. It's weird me. Look i'll fucking pulled up right now. It says i find it Actually minus one ninety now minus two fifteen. I five so i five are online to take it. I'm in i'm in mariners. Plus one and a half there is. There's no chance. I will not take in that. Are you kidding me. I mean. I want to jump on it with you. Fucking and marco gonzalez has been so bad. I have to remember that the rockies very very bad on the road pretty good at home copy how juices that one and a half. Not only twenty two. I'll take that. let's go now. Focus baseball bushes on it. I mean mark only gave up three his last time out against the angels. How many of you go. Five and two thirds. I mean we'd take that how about the game before. Don't go talk book those actually it only seven and two and three i might fucking. What's his way splits. I mean marco. Six point marquez is very good at all stay away. Stay i gotta do it. The mayor mayor is done so much for me. who am i them. surname leith from texas. Howdy boys got a couple of mlb picks today first of all. Just wanna say thank. You got for incredible euros journey. Even though i was finals or heartbreaking. I think i made like ten units something like that for gambling. Thank you sir. I got a little bit for vlad guerrero junior over one and a half basis you can get on traffic kings from minus one thirty five going up against garrett richards today. White sox five for seven lifetime with three doubles Expected eight ninety eight. Slugging percentage against richard. So i love over one half basis And then absolute locked the year white sox. I saw money line minus one thirty with kaikal on the mound since kaikal joined the white sox in getting a last year mickey mouse these in whatever First monthly cycle on the bump is nineteen five and four..

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